Underemployment? You don't hear much about this ... not directly. Necronomists issue their monthly unemployment figures but don't have an index for underemployment. But there are many indices of underemployment:

1. Discouraged workers: When you've been unemployed long enough to no longer be eligible for unemployment payments, you are no longer considered unemployed by government statisticians, an example of how figures don't lie but liars use figures.

2. Teenage unemployment is a cliche--unemployment is the most severe example of underemployment.

3. College students (35% and rising) increasingly face having no career in the field for which they studied four years and invested an average $100,000.

4. Mid-career stagnation affects many people who can't find better jobs--are you underemployed, stuck in a job that you mastered a long time ago?

5. Older workers find themselves discharged with only lower paying, benefitless jobs being available. Or, they suffer slashed wages (36%)--working for 40 hours to earn what previously required 24 hours.

6. Retired workers bag groceries and serve hamburgers because employment laws discourage using their expertise for a few hours weekly.

7. Parents telling children not to expect to have a life as good as the parents. They support live-in adult children longer and more frequently with "empty-nester" being an empty phrase.

8. Women facing glass ceilings or mommy tracks--career limits or tunnels because they are females.

9. Military personnel discharged into a civilian market lacking opportunity that matches skills and motivation.

10. Early retirement from public and private industry after which one finds their separation nest egg is an infertile cracked illusion.

11. Record applicants to foodstamp and welfare programs are people who are underemployed relative to their ability to be self-supporting.

12. Victims of discrimination suffer underemployment.

13. The $100,000 a year manager who quits to find more responsibility in a franchise.

14. The would-be political reformist locked out of political discussion who turns to blowing up federal office buildings. If the politicians did not hog policy-making power, we would have fewer radical nuts.

As you can see, underemployment is relative. One does not have to be unemployed to be underemployed. Underemployment occurs when realistic, able-bodied and capable people don't have hope, whether in higher hourly earnings or higher decision-making.

Why do we have so much underemployment? We do not employ our human resources in an optimal manner with an optimal work week. If all the underemployed people were gainfully and productively employed, the quality of life would improve for everyone.

In reading the above list, some will say, "Tough, I've got mine. I worked hard. Let those poor slobs suffer." Did you have these thoughts? If you work more than an ideal workweek (24 hours), what are you telling the underemployed? They can't work as much as they need to or are qualified to work. By your own actions, whether you realize it or not, you license them to deny you the right to work. Since the legal and political system does not give them a voice, their only option is crime. Some underemployed people will exercise this right by robbing or murdering you.

Regardless of how good a swimmer you are in the sea of life, would you rather have stormy or calm seas? If you are a good swimmer you will still be a leader relative to the pack with 24 in 4 only your absolute travel and speed will be greater. However, if you are a drowner who survives by holding others down you will be where you belong.

Foolishly, you imprison yourself to work to provide food and shelter to the underemployed through your higher taxes. More foolishly, you deny yourself promotions--supporting the 40-hour workweek locks you into a world with fewer promotions. The 24-in-4 program simultaneously reduces workweeks by 40% and increase promotions by 40%.

Underemployment: The real crises
America will benefit if college-trained students can find career jobs? Y N
Underemployment is being underemployed at the job or rate you deserve? Y N
Politicians and necronomists don't understand underemployment? Y N
24 in 4 will reduce necronomic unemployment? Y N

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.


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