Dedicated to the unsung heros of original economics. Throughout history, they have understood and taught the importance of home laws in producing a better person, family and community. Economics, literally and originally, is "house management" or "home laws." Several great homemakers come to mind to whom I especially want to dedicate this book.

My great-grandmother Mary Alice Wylie raised me from the age of eight until I was fifteen. She accepted me as a family member on the condition that I be responsible for myself. Her house budget had no spare funds for a young mouth to feed. I shined shoes for spending money till I was fourteen while fulfilling household duties: window washing, furnace maintenance, yard care, garden raising, snow removal as well as similar jobs for neighbors. In the real world of solving real problems, I have had a distinct edge over my allowance-funded schoolmates because of this imposed self-responsibility.

My great-aunt, Ruth Hoyland--a daughter of Alice--raised a son as a single parent. Her professional career as a teacher had humble beginnings, but she advanced it regularly with hard work and sacrifice. Her well-organized home was always a pleasant, laugh-filled sanctuary to visit.

My cousin Roberta Rupert took me in during the final years of high school, tolerating a snotty, know-it-all brat. Without her support and home I probably would not have finished high school. Bert was my first intellectual mentor, with whom debates have not ceased. Sadly, she died before time.

The above are members of the women who made timism along with my wife, Catherine Jo Spence.

Barbara Bush, a First Lady of the United States, is a true, original "ecos nomist" with few peers. Her human achievements reflect her commitment to home as the basis for achievements outside of the home. If the home is not properly managed then chaos will be present both inside and out. If parents teach their children to manage their time well at home, the children will be better time managers for themselves and others as they grow away from home. In her own words, "Your success as a family, our success as a society, depends not on what happens at the White House, but on what happens inside your house." Good house management is good economics. Home laws are the basis of civil law.

When I think of my economic heros, I see an abundance of happiness and achievements. All of them were good seconomists in the original sense. Their unformalized philosophies, which came deep from within their hearts, laid the foundation for my own theories of economics as set forth in this book. Each of them sought to add time to the lives of the people they met at home and in public. That is what I have tried to emulate.

God bless all the true ecos nomists.


  1. 120612 My wife's mother, Carol Carr Spence, is my reigning great homemaker, a great Mums .


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