Without Whom:
The Women Who Created Timism

With the exception of William Krekel, my high school boss, the emotional and mental source of support and examples behind the fact and flavor of timism has always been women.

  1. Alice Wylie: After "seducing" my 75-year old great grandma as a matter of self-survival with yardwork, smiles and hugs, she found a spot for me in her house and heart. She gave me a warm home with encouragement and requirements to be responsible and independent.
  2. Ruth Wylie Hoyland: A great aunt and teacher who "never had a day in the classroom that she did not like," by example and admonishments, she taught me to be happy by pursuing education.
  3. Roberta Wylie Rupert: By hard-work examples and late-night discourses, she, too, taught me to be happy and to pursue education.
  4. Cathy Spence, a top-shelf helper: Her wonderful heart and soul sacrificed more than either of us expected in bringing forth timism not as an academic treatise but as a series of practical applications--the tools of timism--by which humanity can solve its problems. An early lucky moment was when I was going to put her on a goodbye-forever plane the next morning but she fainted in the bathroom that prompted a wait-another-day which has gone on day after day since December, 1976. A sine qua non.
  5. Sandeep Kaur: During 2014-15, she professionally and personally supported the timism effort from half-way around the world by offering to work without immediate pay and offering encouragement not to quit when frustration of age and animosity of others were detriments to bringing timism to a critical mass of self-sufficiency. Another sine qua non.

My women echo the greatness of many historically great women. Not the head of states but the salt of the earth. It was the women of everyday colonial life who organized home management (ecos nomos) to resist the British taxation without representation. Home spunning of clothes became an industry as a boycott response to British textiles, a boycott later utilized by Gandhi against British colonial domination of India.

The famous Montgomery Bus Boycott of the mid-1950's was terminated by the wives of the white business and political leaders of the racist city. The city's better tanned citizens organized ad hoc mass transportation with personal and business vehicles, e.g., funeral hearses. Concomittantly, the vanilla matrons of Montgomery started driving to pick up their maids, cooks and housekeepers because it took less time to drive than it took to do the daily tasks. Like white women ferrying warplanes only a decade earlier, the white women drivers' transit system blossomed in the Montgomery morass of muddied men. "Of course, Ms. Hatty, I can give your neighbor a ride since it is on the way."

In the end, the melanin-challenged wives were chauffering carloads of bus-boycotters. Increasingly, their husbands heard a variation of "Darling, you sleep on the couch until your friends and you fix public transit so that my friends and I can socialize once again instead of being Montgomery's unofficial new transit system that is costing me free time and costing us higher costs. I'd rather poor white folks sit next to black folks than me be the unpaid chauffer driving Ms. Daisy, Ms. Hatty and Ms. Mary Beth."

The American Civil Rights March is the latest chapter in the progress of civility that had the high and low points of Runnymeade, Cromwell, 1776 and 1860. Everyday women did more than the male pinpricks and penheads found in the titles and footnotes of historical treatises. If not given the choice of peace from gender equality, our world would be more peaceful if it were ruled solely by sitters rather than by standers.

The world will be a better place when women with the qualities of my queens, princesses and empresses have no glass ceiling to hinder their helping humanity. Women 50/50 not only gives women easier, automatic access to all elected offices but gives progressive experience and training.

(In translating timism into the principles of better democracy and capitalism, a good guy was most helpful. Also see Personal Note on Women 50/50.)

I would also like to acknowledge Carol Carr Spence as the best member of the most important profession in the world, a home-maker, maybe with equals but none better. She personified what Barbara Bush meant in saying, "What is done in home is more important than what is done in the Halls of Congress."


  1. Mums, How do I admire you? Let me count the ways.
  2. Boycotts are examples of people self-governing so as to have better government, the government that governs least. If one will not sacrifice in the short-term, that is self-govern, for a better world then one deserves a inevitable worser world.
  3. Scorched earth policies are examples of self-governing for a better world, that is, boycotting the enemies means of harming you. In World War II, the retreating Russians destroyed anything that would be of value to the invading Nazis: food and buildings--they won the war. In the American Civil War, the Southerners before Sherman's marching army tried to save everthing with the result that Sherman's men lived healthy and wealthy off of the land all the way to Savannah--one of the reasons the South lost the war. In general, the South lost the war because they did not want some Americans to self-govern. In final acts of desperation, they sought to use the promise of self-governing--freedom--to enlist slaves to stop the North. Duh.

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