The semantic roots of democracy and economics imply each other. Democracy translates as "divisions of people rule" and economics translates "environmental laws" (or, even more literally, "housekeeping"). The roots are:

demos = divisions of people

cracy = rule

ecos = environment (Greek word for "house")

nomos = laws or management.

If divisions of people rule themselves then divisions of people make the laws. Thus, when one has democracy one also has "demo-nomics."

Similarly, when people form divisions in order to rule their environment they have "environmental laws"--economics. Thus, when the environment of people rules itself one has "ecocracy."

Since democracy and economics imply each other, one can regard them as flip sides of the same coin, for you can't have one without having the other. This mutuality is borne out by other avenues of thought which follow. In essence, if you want good economics then you need good democracy.

All too often when public affairs go wrong, undemocratic politicians conveniently blame the economists, and vice versa:

Carter is so upset by the performance of his economic experts he has taken to sarcasm. One recent comment made in private to aides: "Thanks to my economic advisors, even a 14% percent inflation rate will look good".
"The federal government has been a bull in the china shop rushing one way and another and making it very difficult for the shop owners to keep things in order," [says Milton Friedman].

Economists blame politicians for not following economic prescriptions, and politicians blame economists for a failing economy. They are both correct. Both mold the laws for the human environment, that is, they are economic policy-makers. Both need to be more democratic. If a politician is to be the best policy-maker, he must observe democratic principles. If politicians were democratic then they would also be economic. In the sense of solving the problems that waste people's time, politicians and economists should work hand in hand to be more democratic.

Legalized Inflation: Legisflation

An examination of inflation provides another view of how democracy and economics mirror each other. For most economists, inflation is the supply of money outstripping the supply of other products, that is, an unfavorable ratio. Classically expressed, inflation is an increase in the money supply without an increase in goods and services. Economists do not acknowledge, and few even recognize that inflation also occurs each time the law-makers propose a private law for some special person.

On the personal level, the recipient of the special privilege has more money. But he has not increased his production of goods and services. Personal instances of something for nothing, through the public law process, constitute legalized inflation (legisflation).

Semantics aside, legisflation is a vast economic black hole, draining wealth away from the productive individuals who create the wealth. Every dollar of legisflated wealth is a dollar of inflationary suffering for the disenfranchised producer of the wealth. If politicians were democratic they would not pass special laws legalizing economic privileges.

True democracy and its complement do not exist today. No divisions of the people actually rule in proposing and enacting the laws of their ecos. Nowhere are the problem-freeing benefits of democracy raining economic manna upon a united "people" as in "of the people, by the people, and for the people."

When the people who compose their environment
(from which all human problems arise)
divide themselves into self-manageable divisions
(with apportioned power and responsibility),
to rule in proposing and making laws,
then the legislated and legitimized problem solutions
constitute economics: the laws for living and life.

Democracy is not failing, nor is economics a dismal science. Rather, purported problem-solvers are failing to be democratic, and dismal people are erroneously calling themselves economists.

Demolections: The Teratogenesis of Democracy

If democracy is so great for solving problems, why has democracy been getting bad reviews? Too many people confuse the politicians' definition of democracy with the literal meaning of democracy. Our habitual politicians, who naively or blissfully boast of the great American democracy, have over-federalized the national problem-solving process. People are neither optimally divisioned nor apportioned power and responsibility.

Is it really democracy when people vote on their fate only once every two, four or six years? Is it democracy when elections merely select and elect incumbent or cloned politicians? This politicized form of divisional rule is not the same as divisions of people ruling themselves. Rather, this divisioning of power and responsibility is merely divisions of people electing, that is, demolection. Demolections are a political mutation of democracy.

Demolection does not theoretically, historically or contemporarily bring the advantages of democracy to one's environmental existence. Rather than having the problem-solving benefits of a democracy, America has the problem-generating handicaps of demolection.

The habitual politicians are teratogenic to the democratic process, and they have polluted democracy into a mutant, bureaucratic monstrosity. Unaborted, this monstrous political growth will destroy the human environment, making it unfit for human existence.

Necronomics: The Teratogenesis of Economics

Why has economics been getting a bad name? Too many people confuse the economists' definition of economics with its literal meaning. Economics is not any of the demand-side or supply-side descriptions of the production, distribution and consumption of wealth. Contrary to the encompassing meaning of economics, economists usually analyze on only one level of the total environment. From that narrow perspective, they attempt to direct the rest of the environment to benefit their level or sector.

The habitual economists naively or knowingly warp the total environment for the short-term gain of their sectors. They are not economists in the true sense; they do not know the laws of the ecos. They voice biased, negative information. Often hired by greedy policy-makers, private or public, their academic training is for sale to enslave others.

Habitual economists are intellectual lobbyists, sophisticated streetwalkers who sell their knowledge to the highest bidder. Their oversold advice fills the ears of the media, public and politicians. Through the latter, economists weasel economic privileges for their sector. These private laws are the spawning ground of legalized inflation.

By virtue of their advice on manipulating the environment, they are not economists. Their advice causes death throughout the environment. Their title should reflect the nature of their knowledge and the consequence of their laws: necronomists.

Private Laws Through Demolection: Economic Privileges

Most people don't know that the Latin origin and translation of privilege is private law. Examining the occurrence of privilege in America lends further insight into the relationship between politics and economics.

When a legislative process passes special laws, these laws benefit private individuals at the expense of the general public. Economically, certain people have become privileged. In essence, private laws are parading under the banner of public laws.

Economic privileges buttress the argument that most inflation comes from a law process. Legalized inflationary gains for a private few are losses for the general populace. As one cannot have legisflated gains without concomitant legisflated losses, there cannot be the economically privileged without the economically deprived. Human existence is zero-sum: no free rides for the privileged without costly stuck-in-the-mud deprivation for others.

Private laws or economic privileges do not exist in a true democracy with economics. They do, however, live and breed in a civilization burdened with demolections and necronomics.

When the people
lack democratic unity,
and are ruled
by the chronically elected,
then the legisflated private laws
constitute necronomics:
the laws of the dying and the dead.

Oppression and decay permeate this nutshell vision of the State of the Union. Necronomics is why humanity is dying.

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.



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