By the necrotic rules and laws that humankind is both observing and obeying, humanity is already dead; only a brief, stormy Fall remains before another dark Winter begins. Under the preferred laws, hierarchies and trends by which our civilization has come to live, no further Spring may be left. All that remains is the cataclysmic or whimpering depletion of our temporal reserves. Gone is the more productive past. With depletion of our time comes the demise of the necrotic laws ... and us.

You may say, "Bull!", but your naivete, ignorance or deceit behind this exclamation contributes to the self-destructive laws. Innocently, blissfully or foolishly you prance to the surprise of self-demise. After all, it wasn't just yesterday that the expression,

"Ignorance is bliss"

was coined, and its existential worth inflated. All the self-deluding, white-washed cliches won't feed a starving nation, a nation ignorant of its short-comings. More complete is how

"Ignorance is bliss ...
only for a while, then it hurts."

How blatant is our ignorance? We have institutionalized ignorance in our election process, to unquestioningly accept as substance the symbolic presentation of the candidates, by the candidates, and for the candidates. At all levels, the cost of our ignorance grows more gravely everyday, and, if unreversed at the grassroot level, the painful fire of inflationary suffering will consume more of the American soul, by bits and bytes.

Why has this fester grown so long? People increasingly and ignorantly observe the "rule" of declining security instead of potential liberty. Too often people have allowed their liberties to be whittled away so as maintain a delusional, declining level of security. But!

The fact remains that throughout the world, millions prefer security to freedom, or think they do, never having really known real freedom. Indeed double-think communism teaches them to redefine security as freedom.

The loss of freedom to solve one's problem decreases one's security from the problems of life. Ben Franklin said, "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Axiomatically, they get neither, for the loss of freedom leads to less security and safety.

Is our ship of state merely slowing down or going down? Regardless of the true state of affairs, who is the fool that will suffer: The passenger who trusts devious captains for telling the "truths", or, the sojourner who seeks independent, productive truths? Neither, however, is a fool like the fool who thinks he is upon the unsinkable ship of state.

Who are the passengers that short-change their fortunes? Some think that the status of the state will be found in the intimacy and frolics of their cabins while others look along the over-trodden paths. The truths, however, will be found within the unfamiliar passageways, in trails yet undeciphered. The loss of a survival language scuttled our sinking civilization; it must be refound.

How widespread must the rumor grow before a state of emergency is exclaimed? How dire must the slippage be, before the needed, united effort is instilled to save our only ship of state. Are the dancing and bar receipts the true state of the ship?

The ship is not merely slowing down but is going down. An alarm, perhaps insufficiently heard, is being raised. Ask those who are unable to keep their heads above the rising tides of inflationary suffering. Take no comfort in your higher cabin: All cabins submerge on a floundering ship. The captain and his officers are senile, narcissistic or deceitful.

The ship is salvable, if enough turn from enjoying the dwindling comforts of a once greater ship, and if enough work to discover and plug the holes. Not only should this be done for the generation that manned the ship before us, but, more importantly, plugging the holes will aid the untrained crew that must succeed and support us when we can no longer steer the needed course.

By all the rules and laws that humankind observes and obeys, humanity is lost. Are we dead already? Yes. As with a pocket watch lost in a woods, our time is set to run out. The watch cannot wind itself, nor can we as long as we distance the symbols from the substance of our time.

Warning: Anyone found stealing lifehours will be forever banned from participation in and rewards of Better Democracy and Capitalism.


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