Wanted: Timists to Build the Party of More Time

Loc: Timists.com/NewPartyCreation.htm

How to build a new political part in a few weeks: Echo the 4-steps of solving any problem: Define, prescribe, organize and motivate.

  1. Define: Have viable message and plan the resonates realistically with the middle-class. That message and plan is 24in4.
    1. Message: By better employing our human potential, we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more funds and fun for self, family, and community in a safer, saner world.
    2. Plan: Refinance, Share and Volunteer
      1. A one-time refinancing of all loans into a low-interest jumble loan with profit-sharing payback based on cost of living and disposable income--see Refinance 13.

      2. Share Job Time or Jobless Crime: Convert interest savings into shorter workweek thus creating an employment vacuum to employ the unemployed, under-employed and mis-employed.

      3. Establish part-time community service jobs for healthcare costs . Take healthcare costs out of business bottom line.

    3. Have a catchy, memorable name: Timists, the Party of More Time.

  2. Prescribe: Have a methodical, self-expanding process that uses the internet to encourage citizens to self-organize and reward.
    1. College rights to and rewards of brainbees and votetime based on students voting for their public school, e.g, 500 votes needed for Congressional District and 1000 for State.
    2. Automatically enlist the first person to qualify as Senator or Representative to be the torch bearer for that district or state--pay one year salary to candidate.
    3. Via state ballot managers, complete necessary ballot paperwork including required signature petitions for candidate.
    4. Email petition links to voters of the state and district to collect simultaneously signatures for the Timist candidates: Representative, Senator and President. (Petitions are mailed to the listed address on the petition.)
    5. Petitions and paper work filed with the appropriate election board.

      (For candidates who cannot get on the ballot, the ubiquitous "write-in" option will be used.)

To signup and vote for your university of choice, please visit www.24in4.com.

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