Inevitability: Timists is a public policy-making process derived from the Principles of and Tools for the Morality of More Time. As a better time creator for people, it will increasingly outcompete and outlive the moribund, dyed-in-the-wool, archaic political parties per the calculus of reality based on the math of Mother Nature: Survival of the fittest.

Timists: The Party of More Time

Dedicated to Gwen Ifill whose intelligence and integrity
Timists seek to achieve and emulate
in personal and professional life.

Based on Timism: The Morality of More Time,
aka, The Periodic Table of Existence

Humanity is confronted with the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change. We are experiencing an accelerating existential meltdown of not only planetary dynamics but of human problem-solving. All problems waste time. We have more time-wasting problems with fewer qualified time-creating problem-solvers. Humanity is running out of time. We need Timism as a guiding light. We need Timists holding high the moral lantern of reasoned vision. Vision without reason is treason to vision as morality without practicality is immorality.

Enligthened, economic, efficient Problem-Solving requires four 100% steps: define, prescribe, organize and motivate. Timism has tools for 100% problem-solving: brainbees and lifehours. Timism is the heuristic tool of problem-awareness, the Rosetta Stone of problem-solving. Timism offers on-line processes whereby concerned citizens can self-organize and self-reward--see Earn Lifehour Rewards. A hierarchy of national, state and district foci based on public institutions of higher learning can be achieved in a few months or weeks.

Timism offers 24in4 as a simple first phase program to saving the working middle-class from the financial decapitalists who legally transfer (steal) the wealth created by the working slobs. 24in4 is the preamble to the needed Manheaven Project. If we do not save the middle-class, we will not solve any of our shared problems, especially climate change. The three steps of 24in4 are:

  1. A one-time refinancing of all loans into a low-interest jumble loan with profit-sharing payback based on cost of living and disposable income--see Refinance 13.

  2. Share Job Time or Jobless Crime: Convert interest savings into shorter workweek thus creating an employment vacuum to employ the unemployed, under-employed and mis-employed.

  3. Establish part-time community service jobs for healthcare costs . Take healthcare costs out of business bottom line.

Keep mind the following: How many American taxpayers (not the rich, they don't pay taxes) will support creation of a public agency for a one-time refinancing of all loans in exchange for working a fewer number of hours corresponding to the weekly cost savings?

You are invited to be a Timists charter member. If you agree with the principles and goals of The Party of More Time, please homestead a political office at the Super Brainbee. Charter members receive an amount of lifehours equal to a one-year salary of the homesteaded office, e.g., $175,000 or about 7,000 lifehours.

An Earthly Political Platform with Eternal Philosophical Planks

The Six Primary Levels of Existence represent quantum leaps in how the entities thereof are able to control their time, stability and life: physical, metabolic, mental, economic, political and moral being. Timists seek to observe a morality that clarifies the optimal creation of time at each level to optimize time creation for humanity on planet earth.

Summary thoughts distilled of, by and for Timists.

  1. Meaning of Life
    1. Time is the thread in the fabric of life.
    2. The meaning of life is to create and to not destroy. Without creation there is no life, only the cancers of death.
    3. Happiness corresponds to our free time to be ourselves as creative forces in life.
    4. Pursuing symbols of happiness lessens one's substance of happiness.
    5. As farting should not be confused with breathing so should one not confuse worthless, time-destroying non-conformity with time-producing creativity.
  2. Politics
    1. The best government is the least government only if we better self-govern.
    2. When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
    3. We need profit-sharing taxation with grassroot control of taxes not federal control that begets corruption at the grassroots.
    4. We need term limits, that is, new minds for old unsolved problems.
    5. We need Women 50/50, that is, each elected position has a junior and senior member of opposite sex.
    6. In times of worsening habitual problems, the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician.
  3. Economics
    1. Cost of living is the daily time needed to acquire the necessities of life ... not funny numbers on funny paper.
    2. The cost of humanity to Mother Nature is the cost of living and the cost of lying. The cost of lying is the time wasted for unneedd wants.
    3. An economic unit's lifehour value is simple to absolutely quantify: Divide the needed workhours into the 24 hours of a day. A two-hour needed workday is an economy with a lifehour value of 12. A family, community or nation with a needed 16-hour workday has a 1.5 lifehour currency.
    4. The lifehour is a currency that transcends the boundaries of nations and centuries. In symbol and substance, the lifehour is also a happiness index of daily free time.
    5. Inflation indexes the rising time cost of unsolved problems usually caused by politicians encouraging people to play and gamble instead of work and invest.
    6. Wealth and worth are not funny numbers on funny paper but free time to be oneself.
    7. Money is like breathing: Beyond a certain point you are wasting your breath.
    8. Funny numbers on funny paper are for existential donkeys chasing a carrot on a stick. Adled minds are the waste-shops of economists, especially Nobel Laureates.
  4. Capitalism
    1. True capitalism exist when people are rewarded for using their heads (capita) to solve problems with the rewards reflecting the time saved or created by solving the problem.
    2. A profit only exist when both the problem-solvers and problem-sufferers equally split the time created, that is, both pro esse,  that is go foward the Latin basis of profit.
    3. One can only be proud when when solves a problem, that is, pro esse, the Latin basis of proud and pride as well as the aforementioned profit.
    4. Capitalism is a victim of identity theft. Wall Street has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to decapitalize production and decapitate jobs.
    5. 401k are the biggest bank robbery in history. The middle class lost 90% of its saving, pensions and retirement in one generation due to stock options and IPOs raping 401ks.
  5. Igknowance
    1. Igknowance is bliss until the igknowed problems blitz your false happiness.
    2. Your can igknow your problems but you can never outrun them as the grow bigger and bigger.
    3. Either we tax our igknowance to end it or our igknowance will tax us to death.
    4. Igknowing the law is no excuse. Igknowing the laws of Mother Nature is no escape.
    5. The lottery is a tax on those who do not know math. 401ks are a tax on the middle-class who igknows math.
  6. Work  vs. Play
    1. Work is solving problems by creating time-saving solutions. Work is not play which igknows and causes problems.
    2. Play is as creative as masturbation is procreative.
    3. On fields, on scratch-tickets or on Wall Street, one cannot  play or gamble one's way out of poverty but will game one's life into poverty.
    4. Habitual play and sports is a ticket out of the ghetto--a round-trip ticket.
    5. There are no proud players, only time-wasters with false pride.
    6. Distraction is not entertainment any more than a diploma is an education.

The author of these  epistles is an aging free-thinker who has many unshared gifts for which the price is better democracy and better capitalism. He has provided the descriptions and prescriptions as well as the tools to self-organize and self-reward. Damn you is your self-defined destiny if  you do not put the Primary Moral Imperative at the top of your daily tasks of things-to-do. Help and thereby accumulate lifehour credits.

Bearable sacrifices today will prevent unbearable suffering tomorrow. Chaos is not across the ocean but knocking on your door. Disaster numbness is rising in a world beset by CO2: The Global Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule. The 2016 US Presidential primary is a repeat of the German 1920s fascist politics where workers numbed by economic chaos played follow the biggest mouths with das grosse luge, Trump. Humanity needs Timists, the Party of More Time to defeat the parties of more crime.

Apathy on a sinking ship is suicide ... cheerleading play is homicide ... preaching igknowance is genocide. The rewards of supporting Timism is quantified in lifehours which not only symbolize the quality of our hours of life but will serve as a cutoff metric when hockey-stick climate change dictates limiting public services to those who have self-defined as being less life worthy.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can claim a party platform that echos the dynamic rhythm of existence from the rotational basis of the linear speed of light to defining high morality.


  1. Principles of Timists
  2. Build a New National Party
  3. Signup: Vote For your favorite college/university.
  4. Homestead an election: Must support principles and goals.
  5. Posters
  6. Regional Executives

Please Donate a Loan: For limited time, two-fers of lifehour warrants and credits.

Who gets paid off first? Who gets to redeem lifehour credits from cashflow? VCU etc. Open to VCU staff as well as students.

Timists: The Problem-Solving T-Party

We need not only a new party for better democracy and capitalism, but a new currency for daily democracy and capitalism per capita.

That currency is the lifehour which you can help create by signing up and homesteading a political office. The initial high lifehour rewards for doing little is a loss leader to lead to the winning wedding of our time symbols and substance in solving our time-wasting problems. Have faith, have funds.