Individual Lifehour Rewards of 24in4

The primary reward is fulfilling the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth from climate change. Secondary rewards are 24-hour workweek with more disposable funds and fun in a safer, saner world for self, family and community. Tertiary rewards are zero-interest loans along with lifehour credits for bringing about 24in4.

*.edu rewards not limited to students. Faculty and staff with email@*.edu can particpate.

Rewards:(Lifehour tax credits) Bonuses paid at one year or 50,000

  1. Signup Self (5)
  2. Committee Bonuses
  3. Public Relations:
    1. Salespersons, Small Business (Letter ... Poster)
    2. Poster Making
    3. Protest, one-per-month  (2+ lifehours depending on locality)
    4. Speeches/Seminars

See Timism Management Team--100 plus jobs for the National Rights holder