Committees of Creation

Main benefit: The PMI
Secondary benefit: 24in4

Committee Departments
CO2 Killer Molecule Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Enviroment
Elementary Democracy Art, Criminal Justice, EcosNomos, Education, Urban Planning
Management Accounting, Business, Infomation System, PoliSci
Physics Physics
Mass Communication MassComm, Journalism, PR, Social Media
VoteTime Veterans

Target Committee/email Speech
Accounting Mgmt/Lifehours Lifehours
Art ElemDem/24in4 24in4
Biology CO2Killer CO2Killer
Business Mgmt JobTime($$) 24in4
Chemistry CO2Killer CO2Killer
Criminal Just ElemDem/CrimJust 24in4
EcosNomos Lifehour/Decap Lifehour/Decap, Elmentary Democracy
Educators ElemDem/flipflop 24in4/flipflopg
Environ/Ecol CO2Killer CO2Killer
InfoSys (7) SC Mgmt Profit-Sharing 24in4
MassComm MassComm 24in4
Physics Physics Speed Of Light
PolySci (5) Management Brainbees, Super
Public Relations SC MassComm 24in4
Social Media SC MassCom 24in4
Urban Planning ElemDem 24in4
Veterans VoteTime($$) Veterans

Table Notes:

  1. Committee size is three members unless otherwise indicated by a number in parentheses.

  2. Sub-committee list indicated by "SC" after target label.

  3. Participation on a committee will be great on a resume if not a full-time job with 24in4 as a continuance of your initial involvement.

  4. Steering committee consists of chair from each of the following committees.

  5. Committee work pays four lifehour credits (about $100)

  6. Specialty Groups for start-up marketing campaign

  7. All emails have links: 24in4, PMI, CO2, Decap, Regional Primaries

  8. Committee Bonuses: 1000 @ 25,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 accounts

  9. Profit-Sharing for universities from Brainbee Royalties and VoteTime ($$ symbol)

  10. Main benefit: 24in4 and PMI.


  1. 24in4 integrity team (3 members) to insure consistency in details.

See Timism Management Team--100 plus jobs for the National Rights holder