The world belongs to the initiators, not the takers.

Initiating Process

Q&A sessions to be established.

Those who initiate the expansion of 24in4 will receive many, many lifehour credits. Initiatiors are initially limit to indivdiuals with email addresses.

The total expected cost of the LBO/IPO buyout of habitual politicians to start saving trillions of tax dollars is about $15 billion--a bargain! Furthermore, Timism's VoteTime will save the same amount of money in capitalization costs of new voting machines not counting the on-going savings in money and time.

This is a groundup, grassroot effort to reform America's public policy-making based on better democracy and capitalism.

  1. Initiators will be assigned a state and a target group, e.g., Texas and MassComm Students

  2. Using Google, one navigates to the target domain beginning with the largest organization, largest university.

  3. One finds the web segment(s) related to the target focus. For MassComm it would be

    1. Organizations (if any, all members)
      1. Clubs
      2. Newspaper
      3. TV/Radio
    2. Teaching staff
  4. Email 24in4 template to all collected emails using one's university email address. In the email is the instruction to use the create new password to unlock one's account based on the email.
  5. The email list is sent to Timism/24in4 with accounts created
  6. You receive 5 lifehour credits for each email account if they become active, i.e., about $125.

See Committees table for all the target groups for each state.

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