A Non-Silicon Valley Startup

Scripts of Timism

Management, Administrative
and Staff Needs

EC=Exec Committee ... SC=Steeering Committee ... S=State ... D=District
EC SC # O Position S D Description

Scripters, PHP

1 24in4Admin
3 24in4Signup
3 Brainbees***
EC SC 1 Coordinator
3 JobTime***
1 Signup

Email address


Management Team of Timism


  1. Location: National 24in4 Rights Holder Campus
  2. Applications will be taken when National Rights Obtained by a Virginia Public University.
  3. Applications to be initially limited to unversity students and alumni per email domain name.
  4. Pay: Parity to private enterprise. Initially in lifehour credits till cashflow. Monthly proportional distribution. Credits redeemed later via a
  5. Limited to three
  6. Dutch Auction or traded on-line.
  7. Bonuses: See
  8. Commitees
  9. Please note on pay and redemption: at loan, then one hour pay ... hourly lifehour comp to be varied. Cost one dollar to apply--security feature. First to trade lifehour credis ... Buyback versus Middle-class buy  ... Product development: VCU gets rights 10% donation to V.A. hospital. T-shirts, cups, flags