Nullification of Account

Over the years and decades in which Timism was developed, there were people who could have helped but chose not to help. They are on a "Good Samaritan" list. At a certain point, Timism will ask of all account holders if they are on this list. If so, then listees will have their accounts nullified. Likewise, for the relatives of individuals whose actions warranted a sibling, offspring or genetic pool listing among the Good Samaritans.

  1. Are you on this list?--individual petrophiliac, decapitalist, despot?
  2. Are you an offspring of so-and-so?--Public petrophiliac
  3. Are you a grandchild of so-and-so?--National petrophiliac.

Those who have chosen to impede the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth the global dying of climate change induced by human CO2-sinning should not be allowed into the limited lifeboats that will take us to safer shores. In a matter so crucial that as life on earth, half-measures in punishing those killing life on earth--see Global Killers --should not go unpunished. While some crimes against life on earth warrant a duty-to-die, others will be sentenced to minimum wage tenures.

It is important to note that if one has a GOOHF, one can cancel one account nullification. If one has a Super-GOOHF, one is immune to account nullification.

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