Duty To Die Tables ... Overview

With global dying accelerating, we are all under a death sentence. We are all on death row. The question is not who is going to die but who is going to survive. The question is who is going to die first and how are they going to die as the foodchain falters and fails. If the foodchain falls 10% below the level needed for all humans to survive, do we want a rule of the jungle determining who gets it? Or, a rule of legal logic based on legein? As we fight for the declining food instead of  controlled depopulation, the foodchain will fail faster as we will be wasting energy on fighting that could be invested in creating.

Independent of global dying, every born person has a duty to die as conveyed in the statement: dust-do-dust. With global dying, not only does everyone have a duty to die by 2030 but all life on earth will die by 2030. With the Manheaven Project we can save life on earth by Controlled Depopulation. Controlled Depopulation involves humanasia of individuals or groups proportionally to the collapsing food chain based on one' Duty to Die.

One's duty to die is a calculation based on one's guilt in global dying (past, current and future, see the multiplicative factors ). There are no innocent victims, only igknowant victims. Equally important is how the Nazi atrocities everywhere could not  have happened without the janitorial staff in the Nazi headquarters: If your boss is a CO2 sinner, you are also guilty: He could not kill life on earth without your help. The multiplicative factors will be democratically determined by polling and surveying the population with datamining finding the sinners and co-enablers.

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  11. Lifehour: Key to controlled depopulation (Winnowing)
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D2D: Mandatory

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