CO2 Sinning

Calling CO2 sinning a "CO2 footprint" is like calling a cancer a fetus. Whereas a fetus is a rapidly dividing mass of cells at the beginning of life a cancer is a rapidly dividing mass of cells that ends life. Sanitizing global dying with semantic cosmetics will powder puff the problems that are killing us. Playing with words does not work, another example of how the play pathos is not the work ethic.

Ignorance is bliss until the ignored problems blitz your life. If CO2 sinning is CO2 footprints then the feet are fascist jackboots in the face of innocent victims within the global holocaust that is killing life on earth.

Consider the relation of the cliche "If you have your health, you have everything" and the timistic conclusion that a product's cost is not funny numbers on funny paper but the time required to acquire the funny stuff with which to trade your time for the time of product's producer. Every product has a CO2 sinning cost. A plastic bottle for your pop or beer requires a pound of coal to be burned to produce it. A 100-watt lightbulb requires a pound of coal per hour to burn brightly. Given that CO2 is killing life on this planet we call earth, the real cost--"if you have your health"--is the amount of CO2 sinning that the product requires.

Throughout history, the official currencies have often become worthless with alternative items becoming the "intermediate product by which producers exchange their time in the goods and services they produce." While abstract, the real cost of an item in a world dying from rising levels of greenhouse gases is the CO2 sinning of that product, aka, its producer.

If simple solutions with little CO2 sinning is rejected for more expensive problem approaches then the buyer is being price-gouged in the currency that mattters most, you life and lifehours. One of the greatest debaucheries of CO2 sinning is the U.S. election system in which millions of people are engaged in collecting and spending billions of dollars to mostly re-elect habitual politicians who won't fulfill their campaign promises. Timism offers a simple alternative, relatively zero-cost primaries. Imagine, a single computer can initiate a nationwide brainbee by which people submit a name to be president on July 4. Each week thereafter a division by seven winnowing reduces the field down to seven finalists for public presentation and election. The primary moral imperative of saving life on earth requires more than observing "If we can shop from home with computers why can't we vote and govern from home?"

Quantifying CO2 sinning through brainbee forums is necessary if life on earth is be saved. De facto lifeboats are inevitable in which some of the population, not all, will find passage to a safe harbor. The passengers cannot be those most guilty of CO2 sinning for they are more likely to violate the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. The most guilty of CO2 sinning incur a Duty To Die with extent of gene pool draining based on sentencing guidelines for crimes against life.

Devils of existence are the big CO2 sinners who are killing life on earth. More deadly and devilish are the cheersinners , people who organize others to be CO2 sinners. They are the time-shapers who are cancerous rather than creative. They are cheerlosers, not cheerleaders. They are the devils of advertising, public relations, politics, entertainment and religion.

We are all on death row because of global dying. The way to delay or commute your execution is to keep the electric chair filled with people who are more guilty of killing life on earth. Documenting CO2 sinners greater than you will give you a chance of not only living but of saving life on earth, that is, clemency for those still on death row.

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