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Zero-Corruption and Zero-Cost
On-Line, One-Time
Fair and Free

What if we held a Constitution Convention, and no politicians came? Or, what if we held a nation-wide, on-line primary for Americans to nominate who they think would be best to lead us without the corruption of politics as usual? We can. We are. How? On-line democracy. Are you going to help? See how it would work if 1,000,000 people nominated citizen candidates or legislation.

You have an opportunity to end the corruption and short-comings of politics for the better, here and now, for elsewhere and elsetime. There is no charge. In fact, you will receive lifehour tax credits for your contribution.You will be abel your nominee someone for president of your country. You will also be able to enter a citizen legislative proposal. Just put in a person's name you think would be best as President. Please, no habitual politicians. If you are a good, hard-working citizen, nominate yourself for the Congressional District Tax Authority.

By helping cleanup national elections, we can quickly and efficiently usher in a new millennium of cheaper government. The high cost of government at all levels is due to the habitual politicians. They buy their re-elections with tax-credits, -supports and -exemptions for their friends, the money dictators. How do we cut taxes in half? Since at least half of our taxes go for political corruption and fraud., cut out all the habitual politicians.

What's worse than not voting? Voting for a habitual politician! They encumber problem-solving with policy-destroying political baggage and IOU's.  The national debt is not $5 billion but is $5 billion plus the $billions of political IOU's.With on-line democracy and capitalism, we can change our world overnight without waiting for the habitual politicians to do as little reform as is necessary to keep getting re-elected. The crescendos of cries for reform have whimpered away: election and voting.

By observing the essence of good management (break tasks down into small, easily manageable and repetitious steps) we can not only govern from home via on-line democracy, but do it during the television commercials.

For your contribution, you will be paid in lifehour tax credits--on-line capitalism! This on-line primary is like the annual national spelling bee. The following summary is elaborated on elsewhere.

Please note: To reduce fraud you will receive a return email confirmation with a security code. Furthermore, for those who are considering disrupting or hacking this new level of democracy, consider anathema: Individuals harming better democracy and capitalism will forever be denied the benefits thereof, e.g., no health care or public utilities.

While the first primaries may not be going smoothly, your investment of time will help polish it. The value of this will grow over time, especially as it is applied at the state and local level. Through on-line democracy, we can reduce, if not end, the political corruption at all levels of government a

  • federal: President, Ambassadorships, Cabinet and Supreme Court,
  • states, and
  • local..

This corruption takes money out of your personal retirement, your children's education and your community safety. For those who help bring it about, they earn lifehour tax credits in USA.

If you have questions or comments, you can democratize them at On-Line Forum as well as review others' input.

Wasteful Primaries: With on-line primaries through brainbees, the current wasted energy and ego's could repaint all the faded schools in America. More important, the billions of dollars spent on unnecessary elections is like people driving gas-guzzlers to churches: massive CO2 sinning killing life on earth.

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