Quality Controlling Winning Items: Issues or Individuals

While the process of democracy is the best way to bring out the best in people, the results are not always the best. As the U.S. Constitution is a beautiful blueprint for a better world because of its checks and balances, the enhancement of the Constitution through not only an amendment for better democracy but through the dynamic brain bees requires some checks and balances. While individuals and companies can self-initiate brain bees and a process is available to delist problem-causing brainbees, the on-going results of brain bees would benefit winners are quality controlled by the quorum of recent winners. Each of the general brain bee types (commissions, elections and reviews) have emails created for brain bee quorum by which to review the winning item (issue or individual) with the webaddress of the review being posted at Timism.com. This process is automatic without centralized human intervention. It is an example of how the best government is the least government.

You receive a lifehour payment for your review.

Guidelines for review of winning items

Commissions: Please comment on the commission issues of import.

Elections (Gender and Participant Credential review):

As the U.S. Congress reserves the right to accept or reject a state's delegate to the U.S. Congress, so should the quorum of an election brain bee be empowered to review and critique the credentials of a person elected. If the elected person is not qualified, the quorum can disqualify the winner. A disqualification would be lying on one's resume. The disqualified winner may appeal to the gray matter committee of that brain bee.

Review of Results from Brain Bee: The current quorum members of the brain bee constitutes an editorial committee who have the option to comment on results of the recent brain bee. Editorial response varies based on the type of the brain bee.


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