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2010 Outline

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Constitutional Amendment

for Better Democracy

When in the course of history,

  • new communications empower citizens to better re-present their interests, problems and concerns then
  • new public policy-making means and guidelines are required

as put forth in this Constitutional Amendment. The foundation of this amendment is the following two principles.

1. The role of government is recognized, herein and timistically, as the universal manager of the time of the governed whose consent to be ruled must be observed and current. Government is in the business of time management through laws, regulations, taxes and mentoring. The mandate of government is to maximize the quality and quantity of free time in the governs' hours of lives (lifehours)by maintaining a body of laws to optimize the level of capitalism and democracy to profit the citizens. When the politicians make good policy, the polity in the polis will be polite and polished without the need of police.

2. Capitalism rewards the individual for using his capita to solve his problems. Essential to pure capitalism is a common, intermediate product (currency) by which citizens can exchange their problem-solving hours of life, elsewhere and elsetime. With a stable currency that transcends the boundaries of nations and centuries, a government has given its citizens penultimate productivity. The only form of productivity that exceeds a currency tied to the citizens' lifehours is optimal democracy. With optimal democracy, citizens can solve their common time-wasting problems effectively and efficiently to fulfill the literal meaning of problem. Democracy is the ultimate productivity.

Legislative Enhancements

Legislative Lies:

  1. Congress represents the people: No, the habitual politicians in Congress re-present the issues of special friends and cronies for re-election till rich, dying or dead.
  2. Congress has the best people for national interests. No
  3. Congress is a deliberative body. No, they don't read or debate the laws that they pass, for they spend most of their time seeking re-election campaign funds.
  4. Congress votes their conscience not their campaign. No, this is a lie repeated by people who lack intelligence, integrity or investigations.

Without correcting these lies, America will suffer the life decline from a life of lies.

Redistricting: Based on economics of the polity not elections of the politicians: City, Suburbs, Rural areas.

Colleges of Congress: Congress will be divided into colleges that correspond to executive departments. Each college will have a senior and junior member from each district observing the Women 50/50 rule. These will be part-time positions with members living in their district using the internet for communication and voting.

Citizen Legislation: On-line brain bees will monthly democratize seven law proposals from the citizens for the national (President) or sub-national presider (Governor) to review and submit within seven days to the national or state legislature with the legislative body being required to vote publicly within seven days from within or without the respective capital.Why? ....

VoteTime: All voting for public office will be done in a manner that requires redundant counting local voter registrar, a media representative, and selected citizens fulfilling their jury duty.Why?

Ostracism and Anathema: Because

  1. legal laws trail the logic of economic change,
  2. politicians can be corrupted to use public law-making to enact private laws (economic privileges) and
  3. some individuals violate the human foundation of all civilized laws--unalienable rights,

monthly on-line Ostracism brain bees will be held to ostracize individualize who violate the morality of humanity for the more of self. Why we need ostracism.

U.S. Capital Retirement: With technology and 24-hour confirmation--and acknowledging the fact that no debating occurs in America's Congress--American can save the security cost of Congress. Capital Hill can be mothballed.. As brain bees are replacing "experts" with instantaneous expert information so can should we retire our capital center of habitual politicians.

Judicial Reforms

Judges: In response to the politicized corruption of the judicial branch of government as well as confirmation constipation, the following procedures will be observed for the Supreme, Appellate and Circuit Courts.

  1. Upon vacancies of a Federal judgeship, the on-line brain bee process will be used to present seven candidates to the President for submission to Congress.
  2. Federal justices of the Supreme, Appeal and Circuit Courts will be limited to a number of years on the bench corresponding to the seats on the corresponding Federal bench with the oldest seated judge being replaced annually on July 4.

Litigation: Cases submitted to the justices shall be prioritized by the supplicants using the on-line brain bee process in batches of forty-nine.

Information-age technology will be used to promote self-resolution rather than costly judicial resolution of personal and public matters.

Grander Juries: Multi-million dollar trials will be replaced by inexpensive, expedient, internet-based grander juries using brain bees to priorize information of guilty, innocence and extenuation. (7, 49, 343)

For too long the judiciary has been outside needed constraints to stop repeated denial of justice at the bar.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch needs to be re-structured to de-imperialize the Presidency to reduce its excessive cost and increase its problem-solving focus.

Naval Ships Naming: Since the taxpayers provide the billions to build the ships of the U.S. Navy, brain bees will be used to provide the Navy with seven names from which the Navy will select a name. No person can be submitted who has not been dead a quarter of a century.

Pyramids: Libraries, Pensions and Funerals: No federal funding will be provided for living, existing or future presidential libraries, pensions or funerals. Why?

Pardons On a monthly basis, on-line brain bees for pardons will be conducted with the seven finalists being sent to the President or Governor. No presiding national or state executive can initiate pardons on their own though they can as individuals (referencing their elected office) participate in on-line democracy. Pardons cannot be used to reverse ostracism. Pardonable crimes are not against the chief national or state executive but against the people. The people, not the executive, should provide a list of pardons for the chief executive to legitimize or reject. Why? Pardon Politics

Patronage: With the elimination of campaign financing and welfare and the standardization of on-line brain bees to democratize issues and individuals, all federal cabinetships and ambassadorships will be so selected.

Overlapping Simplifying, Presiders:

Presidential Order of Secession: To have the President focus on the duties of the office to solve the problems of the land rather than the problems of re-election, the existing constitutional amendment (#22 in 1951) limiting the President to two terms is superceded by this amendment which limits a President to one term of five years. Futhermore, like the Congressional reforms, the Presidential team will consists of five members, a Presidium.

  1. The senior member will occupy the White House for one year.
  2. The VP will be the second most senior member.
  3. Chief of staff will be the 3rd member.
  4. Press Secretary will be the forth member.
  5. Newest member will be the go-fer.

The annual brain bee with weekly voting cycle will commence on July 4 with new term beginning 30 days after election. Special elections will be held to fill vacancies. Why?

Economic Reforms

Public Pensions: Legislators, Executives and Judges of the United States of America shall be limited to the general public pension provided to average citizen of the nation. A new national pension system will be established based on an absolute, non-inflatable currency with the citizens defining the level of their retirement relative to their current living standard. Why?

Taxes: Current sales, usage and income taxes will be replaced by a uniform transaction tax of all transactions that benefit from the umbrella of economic stability. Collected taxes will be apportioned to the hierarchical tax units of the buyer and seller: district, state, national and global. Specialty taxes or fees will be used to curb problem-causing activities. Individual can reduce residual transaction taxes through quantified community service.

Fines: Like felony convictions in which the poor and the rich serve equal time when equally convicted so shall the fines for misdemeanors be based on lifehours values of the offender. Why?

Currency--Productive Deflation: Economic policies will be reviewed to determine if the impact raises or lowers the cost of living for basic needs with the goal of productive deflation in goods and services deemed essential for American citizens and humanity. The valuation of the basic currency will be synonymous with providing the average citizen with a secure retirement vehicle that does not require 24/7 obsession with paper manipulation in financial markets so that citizens can have more time for self, family and community.

Workweek length and inflation--24 in 4: The workweek length will be adjusted to provide full employment by adjusting when overtime start. Overtime will remain at 1.5 for employees with an additionally hourly wage surcharge paid as a tax to prevent misemployment. All regular compensations will be converted to a lifehourly wage rather than annual salary per position. After political theft, the number one cause of inflationary suffering is a workweek length not optimized for an economy. Why?

Payments for Goods and Services: No country or people can survive if the problem-causers are paid at the expense of the problem-solvers which increases the problems in the land. All laws and regulations shall be shaped by the consideration of no one being overpaid for their goods or services. The currency that one receives in all transactions shall reflect what one is worth as a problem-solver. All transactions shall be structured so as to reveal the true, absolute profit, that is, all the participants proceeding forward (pro esse) equally. All forms of over-charging will be punished.

Inheritance Limitations: In consideration of how inheritance represents the enslavement of others and in clarification and extension of the Thirteen Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (1865) which outlawed slavery, inheritance and gifts will be limited to maximize the time-creation by the recipient as a member of the human race. Unearned inheritance will be replaced by an earned inheritance prorated to problem-solving actuality of the progeny rather than procreator. Immediate, direct descendants can be the recipient of trust funds equal to fifty percent of the recipient's earned income. Second generation or non-related individuals are limited to twenty-five percent of their earned income. note

Interest rates: Upon the passage of this amendment, lending institutions will be in quarterly reductions limited to 2% interest. Why?

Tort Reform:: To promote more responsible corporate business practices and to eliminate citizens from paying for corporate misdeeds through higher, inflationary prices, all corporate fines and judgments shall be paid through corporations' equity rather treasury. A primary stock will be issued superceding all other classes of stock in voting and ownership rights until the misdeed debt is capitalized. A corporation can only resort to insurance or bankruptcy after equity has been transferred to the victims of the corporate misdeeds. Why?

Bankruptcy: In recognition of how bankruptcy is borne by individuals within a society as businesses pass on the bankruptcy costs, successful bankruptcy petitioners will incur a weekly four-hour community service for the duration of the bankruptcy. Community service will be within a national universal service agency . Failure to perform service will reinstate the debts. If bankruptcy is corporate, the top five executives incur the national service debt.

Speculators and voyeur sunset: People not gainfully employed cannot purchase financial instruments. By motivating the financial community to organize the average wage earners to pool their resources to provide needed goods and services at anti-inflationary pricing, the instability of the stock markets and insecurity of pensions will be replaced by a smooth running retirement process. Why?

Corporations Reform: In light of the mess that corporate executives and directors have made of America and humanity, Corporate boards will consist of an equal share of directors from shareholders, employees and consumers.

The core of this was proposed and published in 1992 to encourage
the independent Presidential candidate of that date to use it.

In all elective offices, we need term limits.

Notes: Office Simplification

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