Gray Matter for Brain Bees

National Steering Committees

The efficiency of brain bees in prioritizing information and individuals gives a great tool for quickly creating a hierarchy of motivated problem-solvers.  Each time an election is held via Global Democracy, the winner is added to a special brain bee for that problem-solving focus--see below. On a timely basis (unless an early election triggered by a milestone of seven: 7, 49, 343, etc.) is initiated, a leader will be elected to represent that focus in interacting with

The technological side of PBDC/ needs a simple interface with the different federal and state advisory committees. It would be counter-productive chaos to try to interface with all

  • 435 representative committees (1305 members)

  • 50 senatorial committees (150 members)

  • 50 gubernatorial committees, (150 members)

  • 50 registrar committees (150 members).

  • 50 VoteTimers

  • 50 College committees

Additional committees are created from the recent winners of the brain bees in Youth Wisdom, Personal Democracy, Keystone Concepts, and Global Drying as well as others.

The solution is a further implementation of better democracy. Like early elections automatically for the above committees (scheduled when the active accounts increase exponentially by seven), elections will be held each time the total number of nation-wide committee members increase exponentially by seven. Thus, each of the above public policy-making areas will have two participants in the National Steering committee which also consists of the Presidential and Supreme Court Steering committee members.

The national steering committee will meet regularly on-line through a chatroom. The finalists in problem-solving focus will be in the steering committee. They will have the responsibility of initiating chatrooms with the members of the focus hierarchy at the next level ... and so on.With time, other communication means will be developed. The leader in each focus will also be a member of the national steering committee which meets regularly.

Chatroom meetings will be scheduled on a regular basis, e.g., weekly. The primary person will email the members the chatroom location and password. Meetings should not last more than one hour. Lifehour credit is recorded at the level of management.

Multi-Level or -National Gray Matter Committees: Gray matter at national levels are eligible or the international gray committees--see hierarchy.


At the top of the brain is the gray matter. At the top of some brain bees are gray matter advisors. This is a good title given the eerie similarity of the information processing by both the brain and brain bees.

As each area of the brain has primary communication points so do each area of brain bees have an advisory group to communicate to and from that area. When a person is elected to a brain bee that has gray matter advisors, there name is automatically submitted to the grey matter brain bees. Examples of initial gray matter advisors are the House of Representatives, the Senate, Vote Registrars, and Governors. Eventually, gray matter advisors will be established for the media, business, medicine, diplomacy and education areas. Like so many applications of timism to solve problems, gray matter advisors will solve more problems than the current public and private bureaucracies for one or two percent of the current costs. Gray matter advisors are one of the reasons that we can have true, lasting tax cuts because we solve the problems for which money was publicly raised in the first place.


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