Rewards for participating in brainbees

  1. Lifehours Credits: An on-line unit of value created to quantify problem-solving time within an accounting system whereby one can later use the lifehour as a barter credit for services provided by the Manheaven Commission:  food, jobhiring, marketing, taxes, and healthcare.
  2. GOOHF (Get Out Of Hell Free credit): Winners of certain public brainbees receive a GOOHF which entitles them to exemptions from some re-timing and de-timing mandates of the Manheaven Commission.
  3. If one's Citizen Legislation is submitted to the appropriate legislative body by the CEO (president, governor, mayor), one's lifehour credits are doubled. If ennacted into law, the lifehour credits are doubled again.
  4. Fewer problems: The cost of living is not funny numbers on funny paper. The real cost of living is the daily time it takes to acquire the necessities for living: water, food and shelter. With better problem-solving, we can reduce time-wasting problems thus lowering the true, existential cost of living. By brainbees being used to re-time real problems and de-time unreal problems, the most important reward of participation is achieved, more free time in a safer, saner world.

Cost of submissions, issue versus nominee: Please note that there is a submission fee in lifeminutes for your submissions to minimize people shooting off their mouth all the time without ever hitting a target to share with others. 'Links From' Pages linking to this page: ( )No IndexDir ... Refs General ... !RefsRvu ... !Dir.nts) InfoLinks (05-22-2015@07:28) Linkstat:LinksFrom2Table
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