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ManHeaven: The Global Manhattan Project

Avoiding Hell on Earth with the Whole Plan

At a certain point in the rapidly accelerating consequences of rising greenhouse gases (global drying/deluging and dumbing ), there will be a need for a global effort akin to the building of the atomic bomb in which all of the natural and human resources were committed without limit to the project. This point will coincide with a failure of the food chain with climatic catastrophes which is concluded to begin in 2013/2014. Then parents will recognize that they are faced with a Sophie's Choice or Global Masada with a new meaning to Baby Back Ribs.

The business of humanity should be the economics of living rather than the necronomics of dying. The economics of needs trump the economics of wants, waste and lies. A necessary part of this project are new forms of human interaction that involve re-timing basic necessary services and institutions.

For many reasons, this project should be called the ManHeaven Project. It will prevent a complete hell-on-earth from unending global warming killing all life on earth. Without end to higher global temperatures, the climate will degrade to a Venusian atmosphere of several hundred degrees and hundred mile per hour winds of carbon dioxide. Make no mistake about it, hell is coming. Environmental Russian Roulette from Global Dying is metastasizing

  1. The question is how many will suffer and die, some or all.
  2. The question is who will pay the wages of sin in a purgatory of climatic chaos so some can live for a renewed paradise on earth.
  3. The question is who will be chosen to man the arks of survival if they are ever created.

While death is a natural end at the moment of birth, global dying has put all of humanity on death row with unpleasant executions which no supreme court can rule unconstitutional. The only hope for life on earth--and mankind--is commutation of death sentences by acts of good will to save life on earth. It is important to realize that the controlled depopulation of life on earth is not a selection of who dies but who lives.

It is important to note that as all people will not go to heaven nor will all people be able benefit from the ManHeaven Project. Participation will be limited to the Automatics and Lifehour Qualified . "Lifehour qualified" are those whose ManHeaven lifehours are above the cutoff line. There are numerous ways to acquire lifehours including documenting those who bad-mouth global warming and its solution, timism. Who are they first and foremost? The Petrophiliacs.

To expect the habitual politicians to provide a constructive response to global warming is foolish--they are behind the false hopes. As they think that they can buy their elections with campaign corruption, so will the corrupting money dictators and habitual politicians think that they can use their money to dictate the Global Manhattan Project. This will not do for two important reasons:

  1. They won't respond to real problems with real solutions: We have habitual problems because of habitual politicians.
  2. Their money comes from the problems that metastasised global warming which means, morally, they should not be excused from the pain and suffering of a ManHeaven project.

Habitual politicians are petrophiliacs.

The ManHeaven project is part of the applications within to bring about better problem solving from better democracy and better capitalism. Essential to better capitalism is recognizing the role of an honest currency in rewarding people for using their heads (capita) to solve problems--lifehours. Furthermore, this capitalism per capita must be an honest measurement of the time created so that the currency reward will  be both honest and current. This is the only way to have true and optimal profits (forward time) to maximally motivate both problem-solvers and problem-sufferers.

Toward the goal of better capitalism to sustain the ManHeaven Project, a unit of current time value is implemented herein which will be refined with additional armada of problem-solutions from timism. This virtual internet currency is barter unit for solving problems. It's acquisition based on helping solve problems will increase in avenues, venues and revenues. The name of the timistic currency is the lifehour.

Initially, lifehours will be rewarded for signing up as a supporter of the ManHeaven Project and for sponsoring other supporters. Additional lifehours can be earned from the completing steps in the things-to-do list for reversing global warming.

It is very important to note that you earn lifehours with the time of your mind and body. You cannot buy ManHeaven lifehours after the startup.
Anyone who doesn't think I have the answer to global dying need only review
  1. my qualifications which are broader and deeper than media darlings that pop up on local and national news promising "on your side" ... "five doppler radars", etc.,
  2. my long-standing interest in the topic of rising CO2--1982 onward which includes many attempts to awaken the Republican-owned media outlets.
  3. my possession of timistic clutter cutter derived from the periodic table of existence, and,
  4. the tools of timism and
  5. my summary list of qualifications.

I don't know everything nor do I know how to save the world, but I am in a class of singularity when it comes to knowing everything necessary to save life on earth.

What will happen? Some politician somewhere will initiate some legal proceedings to waste my time. The result will be the wasting of humanity. No one understands the problem better than me--a continuum at which I am at the top--and no one knows the solution--an either-or proposition in which I am the only oar. You may not like my bedside manner but the alternative is no doctor to cure the disease that is going to kill all of us, that is, you and your loved ones.


  1. Cost of humanity: We can either eliminate the economy of wants, waste and lies so that a greater percentage of human beings can be part of the Manheaven Project or we can try to have our cake and eat it too, that is, have our waste and not waste our future. If we don't eliminate the unnecessary economy we will eliminate all life on earth including both economies.
  2. If we eliminated 50% of the economy of wants, wastes and lies, we would reduce the cost of living the increasing the number of people that could live. If we eliminated 100% of the economic lies, waste and wants, we could minimize required Depopulation to save life on earth.
  3. Like being taxed, most people who derive their income from economic lies, waste and wants will want other people to suffer. You know, don't tax me ... tax someone else. Likewise, don't eliminate my job of wants, waste and lies ... eliminate someone else's lying job. People want something for nothing -- scumnuts --whether it is government without paying taxes or living without paying the devil.
  4. The common theme to Manheaven Project and the whole plan is rebuilding public policy-making from the bottom up with the allocation/approriation of power to solve the problems to the optimal level for efficiency, efficacy, education and economics, aka, level rights. The levels of policy-making are individual, family, community, state, nation and planet. It is a total waste when the President of the United States becomes Disaster Daddy for every angry action of Mother Nature in response to our CO2-sinning. The tools of timism were designed to implement this needed optimalization: brainbees, lifehours, votetime, 24-in-4, timetax, and profit-sharing taxation.

Additional issues

  1. Agnostics
  2. Manheaven Vs. Heaven
  3. Policy Considerations of the Manheaven Commission
  4. Structure of Manheaven Commission
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