Seven Steps or Less Explained

  1. Issue, United Nation or Nation: The brainbee will be one of these top level options: Issues will be clarified if the average person has a simple, efficient way to share information, e.g., Citizen Legislation or Commissions, e.g, 529 Ponzi Scheme, 401k Pension Theft (Bye, Bye Pensions).
  2. Subnational: If the brainbee is at the state, province, region, etc., level, enter the two-letter designation from
  3. Municipal Level: If the brainbee is at the municipal level, e.g., city or county, one can focus one's submission to this level by entering the zip code of the administrative building, e.g., city hall. Can also be the elementary unit of democracy based on elementary schools as well as judgeships or litigation (postal code of courthouse).
  4. Number: Most legislative offices are based on districts whether federal, state or local. Enter the district number is in this slot.
  5. Brainbee: Select the issue or individual to which you want to submit your information.
  6. Submission: Enter your information, up to 400 characters. You can put in a webpage address to reference more information or to expand on your summary, e.g., a resume.
  7. Identify yourself: Use email address and password to submit your brainbee item (issue or individual)

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