When politicians make good policy then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

Elementary Politeness:
Common Transition Point

See Fossil  Politics versus Lifesaving Democracy

Brainbee for Elementary Politeness

There is a common point of public policy-making that straddles both fossil politics and lifesaving democracy: the public elementary school. It is the organizational interface between the past and the future in order to implement the whole plan of the Manheaven Commission.

  1. For fossil politics, the top-down geopolitical units already exist: nations, states, districts, etc.
  2. For lifesaving democracy, the top-down  units will be developed using brainbees: terras, nominas, regions, statums, districts).

Both will use the elementary school boundaries for implementing level rights so as to begin re-timing basic life products at the optimal level as part of the whole plan.

Most public problems can be solved at the elementary level if people are organized for optimal democracy and capitalism. With the collapse of the dysfunctional currency systems, public financing of public problem-solving is collapsing as well, e.g., the dollar is dead . If we, the people, do not self-organize in a democratic, capitalistic fashion to solve and manage the worsening public problems--some of which will be unannounced, catastrophic events--then we will suffer disasters that will prevent our fulfilling the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. We cannot afford to wait for the habitual politicians who have a track record of making natural disasters worse with political corruption and cronyism, e.g., New Orleans, Darfur and Iraq.

Immediate organization and rewarding of concerned citizens at the local level is needed to deal with current and future problems that are best resolved at the right level. When problems are allowed to fester because power and responsibility is denied by despotic policy-organization, the problems grow from a local to a global sore with soaring costs in human time and suffering.

Initially, there are startup brainbees for posing questions or suggestions for each level of the Manheaven Project, from the global to the local. A lifehour recording form allows enlightened citizens, who invest time into saving life on earth, to receive lifehour credit. The brainbees are programmed to schedule meetings of the steering committees that are composed of the last three to nine winners of a brainbee depending on the level. These on-line meetings will be weekly. When sufficiently organized and supported, meetings will be held at the elementary school.

When you sign up as a supporter of the whole plan to save life on earth, you are requested to enter information including the postal codes of the public elementary and high school to which a child would attend from your home address. Once signed up, you can participate in some optional areas as well as the mandatory areas--voting for leaders. One of the first tasks is to divide the elementary unit into nine wards with subsequent area and block areas. When a steering committee is established at the high school level, it will determine the elementary units that are part of the high school unit. High school units should already know its national legislative district. This hiearchy is needed for the efficiency of FTP democracy . To save life on earth, we must be efficient in needed tasks as we re-time them for less CO2 sinning.

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