On-Line Democracy

A  National Brain Bee of Problem Definitions and Solutions for Congress

The following process complements and enhances the U.S. Constitution. The winning proposals are submitted via e-mail by the participants to all members of Congress. If Congress legitimizes this people legislation, the President can still veto it and the Supreme Court can still nullify it.

Citizen legislation is not without precedence: Megan's Law and the Brady Bill. Instead of the haphazard emotional nature of previous people legislation, this is a regular methodical, democratic process modeled on the annual brain bee Participants are randomly assigned to basic groups of seven, receiving an email listing the summaries and links of the other law proposals. They prioritize the other participants' law proposals using the email reply key. The basic group winners are again randomly assigned to a group of seven with voting including not only the winners but the initial participants as well. This process repeats itself until there is one winner.

Complementing this "divisioning of people to rule" (demos cratia) is its problem solving twin: Capitalism. Capitalism is rewarding people for using their heads (caput) to solve problems. Lifehour tax credits are awarded for submitting a law proposal and voting at each level.

Some day, Congress will legitimize the tax credit nature of lifehours as the law of the lands. If Congress will grossly overpay consultants to shape the problems of the people, why not pay the people who live with the problems? If Congress will reward lobbyists with tax benefits for information, why not reward the people who live with the problems? Imagine, a Congress without lobbyists because the people have a regular democratic legislative pipeline.

In supporting the creation of lifehour credits, one is fostering the development of the most efficient currency imaginable. Currrencies are the common intermediate product by which people exchange their work time, products, goods and services. All currencies prior to the lifehour require the diversion of human effort away from solving problems to create the currency, e.g., gold, silver, paper, stones, beads and euros. These activities cost and waste human time. The lifehour is just the opposite. It comes into existence as people solve human problems, not when they pollute the environment with mining trailings or toxic inks.Within the framework of Democratic Capitalism, one can earn lifehours not only through legislating issues for Congress to legitimize but by participating in community service that solve problems.

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