Investments In the Future

Time and money spent to promote Better Democracy and Capitalism should be rewarded with tax credits quantified as lifehours. The advent of Better Democracy and Capitalism will save more tax dollars than rewards the patrons of this cause. Offering tax benefits for political action is not new. It's the eternal mother's milk of politics.

Unlike the habitual politicians who perpetrate habitual problems by giving their friends special tax benefits, lifehours are not only open to anyone but to those who solve problems. In recording lifehours we are creating the currency of the future, one that costs less than nothing, unlike gold and paper which divert human time from real problem solving into polluting the environment.

Central to solving problems is people volunteering. Volunteerism is more efficient than creating tax sewers that drain more time and solve fewer problems. What a person can do in one hour can cost them many workhours in tax dollars. If we cut the workweek, we can have more time to serve our communities: RU424N4.

If we volunteer more, the community will have more resources to help us with our problems, particular health care: The Federal Reserve Bank should expand the money supply through the volunteers of America for health care costs rather than

Reading: If you spend time reading to understand problems and how to solve them they you should be rewarded with lifehours. Each book, essay or webpage usually has a form that  allows you to read and complete for lifehour tax credits. Most of the writings and essays carry lifehour tax credits.

Internationally, organizations have been selected on past media exposure. When sufficient international members are recruited then the selection of new volunteer organizations to receive lifehour credits will be initiated via on-line democracy.

If you have questions or comments, you can democratize them at On-Line Forum as well as review others' input.



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