Basic Types of Voting

The following table is primarily structural information for designers of voting forums. Basic process is  Division of 7 or Power of 7. The brainbees fall into two categories.

  1. Individuals: Zero-cost Primaries, Pardons, Ostracism, Help Wanted , etc.
  2. Issues: Citizen Legislation, Marketing , etc.

In the computer program, per se, there is no difference between the two types. The major difference is the Issues have finalists without any runner-ups for public office primaries. Brainbee voting have up to three kinds of votestatus:

  1. Divide by seven:
    1. Votes are weighted, that is, first choice is six points while last choice, #6, is one point.
    2. Top two vote receivers are promoted to the subsequent brainbee.
    3. One cannot vote for one's own issue in a division by seven brainbee.
    4. In the case of ties, the first submitter is the winner.
    5. Failure to vote negates one's entry even if one is the winner of the brainbee.
    6. A fee in lifeminutes is charged to one's account with winners receiving lifehours based on the level. Second place finishers receive half the winners lifehour award.
    7. Email addresses are attached to each issue at the division by seven for communication between members of that deme of seven.
  2. Finalists:
    1. Votes are single, one votes for only one candidate.
    2. For primaries, if top finalist does not receive over 50% then runoff of the top two vote getters.
    3. If the number of submission falls between the defined finalist count and seven times the finalist number, the highest percentage vote-receivers other than the first and second winners will be selected to round out to a submission total divisibile by seven, e.g., 28, 35, 42, 49.
    4. Depending on the brainbee and final level, one might receive in addition to lifehours, a GOOHF or Super-GOOHF.
    5. In the case of Citizen Legislations enacted into law at the federal or state level, one would receive a 1% finder's fee up to the amount of one's recent tax payment. This will be retroactive to all citizen legislations involving 5% of the nation's or state population when Citizen Legislation is approved by the President and Congress.
    6. More important than monetary rewards is the substance rewards of fewer time-wasting problems for a safer, saner world: Better to be poor in a rich world than rich in a poor world.
  3. Runoff:
    1. Votes are single, one votes for only one candidate.

Each brainbee is defined in computese by over twenty arguments. Results of each brainbee voting is posted for review and transparency as well as detection of errors in computation/software. (While some might want to introduce corruption of the voting process, not this programmer who believes in the democratic process and rule of law. He might be stupid at times but he avoids being fraudulent since the "running redlight principle" means a fraudulent life evenutally catches up with the violator with a crash and burn toastout.) A brainbee is provided for feedback on errors or contradictions in the software and website. Many public brainbees will be broadcast via emails so that people can submit and participate easily.

This table is for historical review after the brainbee software was reduced to the above two types: individual and issues. It is kept, in part, in case the programmer realizes he left something out in the above simplification. The simplification lent itself to easy extension of brainbees to more avenues.

 In general there are three types of elections with subtypes.

Type SubTypes Minimum Parameters
Congressional, People


The top 49 items based on percentage are posted for review.
Help Wanted(P49)
Federal Office(p2)

7, 28, 49

Participants vote the top 7 out the last 49 or less.
If no item has a 50% majority, a runoff is initiated for the two top items based on percent\age of votes.
Gender Flip for Women 50/50
Email next time
Pipelines of
Keystone Concepts(R7)
Citizen legislation(R7)
Ostracism (1MM)
Pardons (1MM)


Final seven emailed with highest percentage based on pro/con voting of participants to information manager for posting, review and action.

Future voting will allow runnerup voting as well as top two items being forward. Whistleblowers involve anonymous submissions with top four going to the next level.

Final result types:

  1. Prioritization, either final seven or runoff two, e.g., primaries.
  2. Supporters, either reviews or commission in which finalists are subsequently rated by the participants with a yes/no vote, e.g.,  citizen legisation.
  3. Totem pole, finalist are listed in order of most votes received, e.g., job-seekers.

(The following is a note to the programmers and is not available on the website. Forum Types and outcomes Notes for programmers on Final Primary Table)


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