Al Gore: An Inconvenient Truth

Dear Al,

Having seen your movie, I agree with its message but not with you as a messenger. Your denials of public office are thinner than the layer of lacquer that you use in your presentation. Of your political career, I recall that you claimed to be the father of the internet not the chicken little of global warming. Your abuse of your family tragedies smells of political self-promotion rather than serious public information. I think you are using global warming as a backdoor to get back into politics regardless of your "C'est moi?" or "I smelled it first." I would feel more comfortable with your agenda if you qualified it as I say to those who suggest I run for public office: "Shoot me, or shoot my son" if I ever run for public office. Can you publicly declare your abdication of public office pursuit by simply stating this for the record. Then I will know where your heart is sitting rather than wondering where your agenda is hidden.

In your future presentations, you need to move beyond the simplistic and incorrect descriptions of why we are suffering growing droughts interspersed with record deluges. It is the chemical properties of CO2, not heat and temperatures. Referencing certain perpectives indicates that the referrers lacks a full description of the phenomenon. Claiming knowledge of God is not as good as working a miracle.

So, as two people who will never seek public office--if we do, I hope someone will shoot us--give me a call so we can heat up people about global warming before they dry out from global warming.

An inconvenient truth which Mr. Gore does not bring up is his families wealth derived from both he and his father (Wavy Gore) support of Occidental Petroleum in its maiming and mangling of the earth.

Of Gore, one can conclude, too little, too late with no hope at all.


A Non-DooDoo Digester

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