Back-To-Nature Survivalists

A Bad Disaster Response

In a world experiencing an environmental and existential meltdown, the strategies of the survivalists sound like passengers on the Titanic talking about surviving by locking themselves in their staterooms. Please consider the following.

  1. No matter where you travel, person(s) less prepared will follow to steal your foodstocks or life. In the winter, be cold or announce your location with smoke.

  2. What are you going to drink as the environment dries out?

  3. Hiding in a forest is no solution when those forest are tinder dry.

Survivalists ignore the elephant in the room, global dying.

The foolhardiness seen in the survivalists' shortsightedness prompts a "Hee Hee" in this person who had the same reasoning many years ago. In early 1982, after writing the basic books on what is wrong and needs to be done--see writings--this survivalist decided to move to a remote location away from the world's growing population. Only a few weeks after selecting the spot--the Falkland Islands--events prompted the realization that there was no escaping the failure of people to organize to solve their problems.

In April, 1982, the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic were invaded by Argentine forces. The military dictators in Buenos Aires had caused an economic disaster from which they wanted to distract the populace with a war. Inflation was 600%. GDP was -11%. Wages were -20%. Protesting unions quickly became war supporters.

It was at that point where this writer concluded that one cannot run from the rising global doom. He began an uncertain path to promote better democracy and capitalism as the cure to civilization's ills. Sadly, the vehicle of civilization was found to have more problems under the visible, obvious problems. Unfortunately, there may be no fix for "Global Drying" as there was no fix for the Titanic once it scraped rather than hit the iceberg. Therein, lies the probable only solution to Global Drying--slamming civilization into the iceberg so as to avoid mortal wounds in its bowels. (I don't know everything nor know how to save the world but I am the only person who knows what needs to be done to save life on earth--the Primary Moral Imperative--if possible.)

Survivalists will be better off putting time into better democracy and capitalism. Humanity, to survive, must prepare for humanasia, the death of many on the ship as it crashes into the iceberg. Pretending the ship won't sink or hiding in your stateroom will only kill more people, threatening the survival of humankind.

We are all on this planet sinking into a garden of hell, a deathrow from which some may escape only by an aggressive controlled depopulation. Otherwise, all will die in unpleasant, chaotic suffering.

Back to nature is a one of many falsehopes fostered by fools in the face of fuelish falsehoods.


  1. Will living in the wild protect you from continent-wide wild fires?

  2. Will living in the wild protect you from mental deteriortion of rising CO2--see AlphaTrifecta.

  3. In memory of my erstwhile hope of escaping the stupidity of the masses, I fly the Falkland flag on occasion (above right).


  1. Gas generators announce to hungry people that you have food.

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