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Also see False Solutions to Global Dying

Falsehoods Fostered by Fools
Full of Fuelish Facades:
Facetious Flatulence!

Going Green For Dummies

Reversing global dying from greenhouse gases will not be achieved by greed fostering false hopes. Tax-sucking biofuels have been shown to cause more pollution than simply burning the same amount fossil fuels.

Tragically, the worse solutions are forms of double diapering. Is the solution to a baby's doodoo production solved by putting on another diaper to contain the accumulating feces? No, the doodoo may be contained but at some point it is going to come out. An example of CO2 double diapering is the promise of planting trees to curb global dying by growing more trees. What happens when the trees die or burn up? They release the CO2 into the atmosphere like a baby's double diapers finally bursting the seams. Or, consider the promise of growing algae to soak up CO2. Like sequestering CO2 in trees, the algae will be oxidized eventually, only sooner, at which point it will release the CO2 back into the atmosphere. The bio sequestering scam is like the captain of a sinking ship saying the solution to too much water in the bottom is to start freezing it. When the ice melts, the ship sink. Another double diaper is promising fast growing weeds as a sequester source for CO2. The promise of sequestering CO2 in the earth is another double diapering.

The consequences of double-diapering can be found in the financial world: Securitized Debt, the repacking of debt into into financial instruments for collaterized debt swaps. When the same real bottom assets are used in a multi-level scheme by combining and reselling with each level having a claim to the real bottom assets, you have a ponzi scheme. This is an inflationary bubble: the real bottom assets are inflated in market value each time a new layer of financial paper lays claim to the real bottom assets. It is like a person who gets a second mortgage without disclosing the first mortgage. The house market value has doubled but the real house has not been doubled. The collapse of the financial double-, triple-diapering inflationary ponzi scheme from CDS is nothing compared to when securitized CO2 in the biomass burst, that is, when the ponzi bottom shit hits the fan.

Another terrible false hope is the shell game the promise of alternative fuels. Ethanol has been shown to release more CO2 than burning the equivalent amount of coal, oil or gas. Likewise with hydrogen or electric cars: Where does hydrogen and electrons come from? From burning CO2-generating fossil fuels. A similar false hope is "Bloom Energy" which was portrayed on that great gas-guzzline media complainer without problem-resolution ("60 Minutes") in Winter 2010. Does it matter whether the electricity is generated in a distant power plant or an on-site generator or converter from natural gas? Per kilowatt hour, are the economies of scale better with large plants or with every homeowner having a less efficient, more capital intensive source of CO2 sinning?

Another facetious flatulence can be called the fusion/fission falsehood. If everyone agrees only to build hydrogen fusion bombs then we don't have to worry about uranium/plutonium fission bombs. Likewise, if everyone agrees to use goats instead of petro-fueled lawn mowers, we won't have to worry about CO2 because the goat's digestive system will convert--fuse--the carbohydrates into methane gas which is 20 times worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Animal flatulence is recognized as significant greenhouse gas that has prompted initiatives to implement a "flat" tax. Using methane-making goats to reduce CO2 is like saying uranium ore is safer if you purify it into enriched uranium.

Cap-N-Trade is nothing more than I'll trade you three dirty whores for one virgin. With cap-n-traffic, we don't reduce CO2 sinning, we traffic in spreading around the screwing of Mother Nature--see Annotated Bibliography.

Consider the following cold, ugly truths. The 2009 CO2 release per American is 22 tons. That is a per capita release of 120 pounds per day or about 5 lbs per hour or 1 oz per second. Given that we have passed the tipping point of global warming into global dying, no nation's CO2 sins are below the level necessary to save life on earth.

Self-serving comment: People have false hopes when they want something-for-nothing ( Scumnuts ). Invariably, false hopers can be shown to have immoral values relative to the problem they want solved at no cost. Often, the false promise is based on a Kodak morality rather than video values, that is, they look at the momentary gain while ignoring the calculus of unintended consequences, e.g., drinking and driving. This writer benefits not only from a far greater wealth of data, facts and information than the average person but from being a long-time adherent to the morality of more time (timism). With timism, one has a tool to assess the cradle-to-grave time trajectory of any action far better than any other moral system, especially the greedy, moneytheistic orthodox churches which promise the false hope of eternal happiness for a tithing of one's income. It is in the pews where the masses are inculcated with the systemic funny mental falsehood that one can get something-for-nothing. With timism, one can replace the irrational, emotional ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) raging in the pews by acquiring ASD (Attention Surplus Disposition).

False Hopes: The following will not reverse global dying

  1. Compact Florescent Bulbs--a teaspoon of savings in an ocean of CO2
  2. Plant A Tree: If your toilet is stopped up do you keep dumping in it?
  3. Sequestering CO2 in the ground
  4. Coal, Shale and Tar Sands: CO2 is CO2 regardless of the source hydrocarbon.
  5. Alternative Fuels: Nuclear, Hydrogen, Biofuels, wind and solar power are not the answer if you look at them from cradle to grave.
  6. Transportation:
  7. Back to the Land: Where will the city folk go when food is gone?
  8. Daylight Savings Changes
  9. Religion: A cause, not a solution
  10. Green Jobs: Really are death jobs-
  11. Political Promises are false hopes. Nothing new.
  12. Lights out: Crap!

Real Hope: The only way to reduce CO2 sinning is the Manheaven Project.

Suggestions in popular media for how to solve global warming is like putting out the great Chicago fire by ordering all the citizens to piss on it. Along with the habitual politicians and corporate journalists  beholden to petrophiliacs (oil companies, automakers, auto sellers, auto insurers, auto repairers, and auto tort lawyers) we are pissing away our time. Pied pipers of false hopes should be euthanized via brainbees.

No solution short of controlled depopulation to 3% to 10% of the current population by 2015 will save life on earth from global dying with the remaining, reduced population focused on food production and CO2 reversal. Remember, about 1/3 of the people who have lived in recorded history, the last 10,000 years, are still alive breeding at a rate that is killing life on earth.

The Manheaven Commission will review public accounts not only for petrophiliacs but for false prophets who offer false hopes: Both deserve MD2D, that is, Mandatory Duty To Die . Care carefully.

The following are elaborations of the above points
False Hopes Elaboration
  1. Compact Flourescent Bulbs Top

    Going from incandescent lightbulbs to flouresent bulbs will save about one pound of CO2 per day. Thus, if one wants to cancel your CO2 sinning by replacing lightbulbs, one needs to replace 130,000 lightbulbs. If you replace 10 light bulbs, you still have to deal with the other 23.995 tons of CO2 sinning for which you are annually responsible. You could save that amount of CO2 by turning off a 100 watt bulb for one hour! DASE! Timistically, you save one pound of CO2 per day but you sin one and a half pound of CO2 per second. To feel good about yourself by replacing bulbs is self-lying when daily you give back less than a second yet you destroy life on earth the other 86,399 seconds of each day.

    Consider the impact of energy savings from flourescent bulbs. In 2006, 88 million were sold. Each million bulbs cancel the CO2 cancer of seven or eight people. Thus, 88 million bulbs canceled the CO2 sinning of about 600 people. The bulbs did not cancel the CO2 sins of the other 299,999,400 earth killers in America. Of the other 6.7 billion people on earth, they are petty, slower killers of life on earth but just as suicidal.

    Hello? Is anyone there? Everyone who takes comfort in doing their part by switching lightbulbs is self-deluding. This is Al Gore logic, a philandering high priest of dummy greenness who is into making money off of his green companies. As the lottery is a tax on those who don't know math so is faith in florescent lightbulbs a tax on those who ignore the math. Timistically, saving one pound of CO2 per day when you sin one and a half pound of CO2 per second is like Bile Guts giving $100 to a homeless person when he has stolen billions of dollars and millions of jobs with his Maggot Soft stock options--see Bastard Stock Options.

    This media hype of going green by replacing lightbulbs is another example of the media entertaining us to death  rather than educating us to live. It is akin to restaurants not offering glasses of water when the average person is responsible for hundreds and thousands of wasted water each day. It is like buying your daughter a white dress for Sunday when on weekdays you prostitute her body. Empty feel-goodies--light bulbs and water glasses--will not connect the dots to create a network of survival.

    Lightbulb replacement is a fuelish facade of feel-goodiness for fools. Like the Democrats starting the presidential process two years before the election, dummy greenness distracts people from focusing on the primary moral imperative: saving life on earth. The number one problem is not lightbulbs but too many people with dull bulbs for brains. Unfortunately, the latter is not going to improve because of the alpha trifecta of global dying, the existential meltdown of civil infrastructures and the funny mentalists of religious fanatics. What needs to be done probably won't be done. Dummy greenness is environmental meaningless meanness.
    (Why Eco-Lightbulbs aren't what they seem to be BBC)
  2. Planting  Trees Offset Top Double Diapering

    Failure to unclog a toilet and continuing to use it merely delays the moment when all shit breaks out. Likewise with efforts to reduce CO2 by planting more trees. When the trees die, bacteria will decompose them into CO2. Planting trees is like continuing to use a stopped up toilet, for the day will come when the trees will finally die and stinking rot..

    Green living and green plantings: For the average person to cancel this year's carbon dioxide release into the atmosphere (24,000 tons) by planting oak trees, he would have to have planted 25 acres of oak trees 25 years ago, that is, it takes 25 acres of 25 year old oak trees to capture the CO2 sinning of the average American. In a seventy year lifespan that is 1750 acres or about 3 square miles. For just one year, Americans would have to plant 7.5 billion acres or 900 million square miles. That's more land than the earth has arable land! And this is just for America's 6% of the world's population, not the rest of the world's population. Or, consider that the reputed CO2 sink of the world, the Amazon, only sequesters "80 to 480 pounds of carbon dioxide" per acre, that is, in order for the average American to "carbon offset." Do the math on how many Amazon acres are needed just per American CO2 sinner to cancel an American's 480,000,000 pounds of annual carbon dioxide: As few as 1,000,000 acres(480 pounds) to 6,000,000 acres (80 pounds).

    This planting math is another way of explaining how in about one century, humans have burned the equivalent of trillions of acres of CO2. The original conversion to fossil fuels that took Mother Nature millions of years to process from CO2 to carbohydrates to hydrocarbons! Most Americans are lucky. They can't add 2 plus 2 so the math of these millions and billions is not real, thus, the cancer killing life on earth is not really happening.
  3. Sequestering CO2: Top Putting CO2 in the ground or under the ocean is like having a pressure cooker or a boiler without a release valve. At a certain point the "sequestered" CO2 will release all the imprisoned molesters at once, a volcanic eruption of destruction. One need only consider the recurrence of trapped greenhouse gases in the bottom of lakes that kill thousands of people to see that putting CO2 in the bottom of the ocean or geostrata is a recipe for disaster.
  4. Coal, Shale and Tar Sands   Top Chose your form of execution, for all lead to global dying whethe domestic or foreign in origin.
  5. Alternative Fuels Top
    1. Nuclear energy: It takes a decade to build a nuclear plant with the death of life accelerating on a monthly basis. Besides, in recent years, in recent years, France closed down nuclear reactors because the coolant water ponds were too hot to cool the reactors! The US Southeast drought has the same impending no-nuke policy imposed by Mother Nature. By time more reactors are built, water will be too hot ... if any is left after what has boiled off from global dying.
    2. Hydrogen: How is the H2 produced? Burning CO2? Nuclear energy? Hydrogen as a fuel is like paying your bills with a usury credit card when you could use interest-free cash.
    3. Bio-fuels: The math shows that this is not energy efficient with the result that more fuel in your autobody means less food in your body. Fuel or food? Fools or full? As Nevada farmers say of Las Vegas, "Craps or crops?"
    4. Wind, waves and tides: As the number of earth-spinning brakes are applied to capture the energy of a spinning earth, the climates, winds and tides will both change and diminish the efficiency of the wind-mills, tide-trappers and wave-riders. It is simple calculus. It's spinbarism . The climate instability of the CO2 matrix will be exacerbated by earth spinning brakes. We will trade the climate-destroying sins of CO2 generation for the climate-destroying sin of a reduced spin.
    5. Solar power: It is too late to generate enough electricity to maintain the lifestyles of the American CO2-wasters and the unAmerican CO2-wannabees (6% versus 94% of population). Based on this writer's understanding of the CO2 matrix, the means to stop global warming and global dying will reduce available solar energy. Consider the simple math: Global warming is due to the earth trapping solar energy. Can we stop global warming without reducing solar heating? The very process of reducing solar energy will reduce not only solar energy for solar power but reduce the solar energy for crop production. Only controlled depopulation can establish an equilibrium to save life on earth, a process that will take thousands if not million of years to undo the CO2 sins of several decades.
  6. Transportation Top
    1. Electric Cars: Where does the electricity come from? Nuclear energy? If you like higher food prices from more than 30% of corn going for ethanol, consider your electric bill as more and more people plug into an already overburdened electric grid that is increasingly proned to blackouts. It is a classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. The promise of electric cars is an example of the lefhand not knowing what the right hand is doing: The government give tax credits to people who by electricity efficient appliances while at the same time giving tax credits to people who buy electricity dependent cars. It's like a preacher quoting the Bible as he fornicates with a parishner's young daughter.
    2. Detroit has a secret energy plan: Really? A constant self-lie of doodoo digesters.
      1. Chrysler went bankrupt and was bought by a German company.
      2. GM and pension borrowing
      3. Ford closing 30% of plants
      4. DASE!
  7. Back to the Land: Top When the city folk have no food, they will go out to the land to find those who have stockpiled food and announce it by running generators--See E Pluribus OhNo . In addition, there is no escaping the following environmental inevitabilities: AlphaTrifecta and Burn, Baby, Burn. When continental fires rage out of control, the back-to-landers will see their survival milieu burn up like the canyon homes of Californians who wanted to escape the cities.
  8. Daylight Savings Changes Top The habitual politicians in the US Congess changed daylight savings to "save" energy. The result is an increase in energy use.
  9. Religion: Top If everyone prayed for their God to stop global dying, would the rising tide of greenhouse gases reverse? Ask King Canute. In organzing people to drive millions of miles each week for services, bible study and socials, religions are a major cause of global dying. Furthermore, in saying that only God can destroy the earth is misleading and dangerous.
  10. Groan Jobs: Top Most green jobs are life killing jobs. Jobs for the sake of jobs are like being different for the sake of being different: Neither improve the quality of life. With global dying accelerating from overpopulation, the only green jobs are morticians, vasectomists, and serial murderers. The number one hidden weapon of mass destruction is the human genitalia.
  11. Political Promises: Top Most false hopes are funded by habitual politicians who don't know doodoo about anything except re-election. For their re-election they reward campaign funders and campaign workers with undeserved rewards, e.g., ambassadors who do not speak the language of the country to which they are posted. Other rewards are funds for pork of which the recipients know doodoo. Another example of how in times of worsening habitual problems the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician which is the same as voting for worsening habitual crimes. When politicians make good policy then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
  12. Lights Out: Top In late March, there is a global rolling lights-out for one hour. Crap! This is liking pissing on a raging forest fire. This is an environmental placebo that makes people feel good without any real results. Actually, it is worse, it isenvironmental heroin, crack or meth--take your choice. No doubt, many do-gooders went home to congratulate themselves on being part of the solution.

The great water saver was unleashed upon consumers
in the guise of a 1.4 gallon flush toilet tank
which requires two or three flushes
for a water loss far greater
than a 2.0 gallon tank

Afterthoughts: Top

  1. 090806: What is being proposed and offered today to solve environmental and economic problems would have worked five, ten or twenty years ago. Now, this proposals are worse than false hopes: they divert and drain human time from the real solutions which, sadly, will. be on the table too late. Tomorrow's proposal will be the actions needed today.
  2. 090901: Financial Falsehopes: Inherent and instrumental in fueling environmental falsehopes are financial falsehopes. At one extreme are the decapitalist who think they can survive any human catastrophe if they have the most money by maintaining and exercising their monetary dictatorship. Subservient to the money dictators, the habitual politicians think they can maintain their privileges by throwing money at the problems--stimulus packages. This money is provided at high interest rates by the money dictators. Stimulus money is not merely inflationary but is like a dying person receiving cocaine or meth instead of good solid food. The best example in 2009 was the Cash for Clunkers which provided a temporary boost to auto sales but which will not save the auto industry. Just the opposite: Cash for Clunkers was a saltwater solution to an industry and economy thirsting for a viable, lasting solution. Below the legalized thieves and thieving legalizers are the de-privileged classes of humanity. Their financial falsehopes are public and private pensions which will not be there. As financial stability fades, the environment will be trashed more and more with the rate of global dying accelerating. Every moment or money directed into the economy of wants, waste and lies speeds up the death of life on earth. As noted in the Alpha Trifecta, no one (rich or poor) can escape the mentality debasement by higher CO2 concentrations: Alzheimer, Autism, and ADHD.
  3. 100228: I love listening to people who have no knowledge of chemistry, no calculus and no logic discussing how to save life on earth. For the life of Mother Earth, they should be euthanized after due process of an appropriate brainbee: Euthanized PiedPipers .
  4. 110128: A Washington Post article detailed the shortcomings of an electric car in the cold: Battery dying as it gets colder until no power and no heat. One can see the decline of chemical reactions by putting a batter powered clock outside in the cold or in one's refrigerator/freezer. Or, one can place a tube of Crest toothpaste in a cold place to see how mixed chemicals become thick and sluggish.

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