Note: This writer does not make the rules but relays them:
If we do not have controlled depopulaton
then all of us are going to die
from chaotic depopulation
as Global Dying worsens.

Depopulation Index

Controlled Depopulation:

Why and How

To fulfill the primary moral imperative--saving life on earth--Depopulation is inevitable. The primary cause for global dying is the cancer of too many human beings. Each person is a CO2 sinner. If we were not CO2 sinners the earth would not be becoming hell for all living things.

To stop global dying before we pass the point of no-reversal (we have passed the tipping point), not only must the rate of CO2 be reversed but active measures must be taken to remove greenhouse gasses. The simplest way to reduce CO2 emission is controlled depopulation, aka, Humanasia. This controlled depopulation must proceed until there is a nucleus of human beings whose only task, business and activity is to remove and sequester green house gases from the atmosphere.

The alternative is Chaotic Depopulation from which no organized effort to save life will be possible:

  1. Genocide
  2. Ethnic Cleansing
  3. Sectarian Violence
  4. Military Breakdown
  5. Civil War.

A primary consideration is banning goods and services that save and extends life--see Banning Specific Goods and Services . Instead of trying to increase the average lifespan, we need to reduce average lifespan. Medical personnel need to realize that their actions are killing life on earth-- Medical Service Retiming . This a paradigm shift. Most people will be either slow or unable to make the paradigm shift

  1. from keeping as many people alive as long as possible
  2. to eliminating life extending goods and services to lower life expectancy.

If life on earth is to survive then humanity must go into a die-off focus--Save No Lives--as well as a procreation-prevention mode with the dwindling number of survivors working only to save life on earth. Instead of healthcare for all people we must implement a healthcare plan for Mother Nature, the inevitable Manheaven Commission. Medicine Sans Frontiers is really medicine without futures.

Controlled depopulation requires participation by all people since most people will be called upon to self-euthanize as part of controlled depopulation--90% by 2015.  This requires better democracy and capitalism. It requires an end to habitual politicians, decapitalism and necronomics. The sooner we have controlled depopulation via the inevitable Manheaven Commission which has people-elected executive, judicial and legislative branches. Structure of the Manheaven Commission

To save life on earth it is necessary and inevitable to depopulate.

Issues and considerations related to controlled depopulation:

  1. Guiding Principle , the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth ... Trump Card
  2. Chaotic Depopulation ... Chaos vs. controlled depopulation  ... Options
  3. Cost of Humanity: Cost of living and cost of lying (wants, waste and worries)
  4. Shared blame and punishment
  5. Plebiscite Repopulation
  6. Choices to Face
  7. De-Littering ... Anti-Litter Laws
  8. Quarantine Disasters
  9. Military Duty  to higher calling than national oath.
  10. What needs to be done will not be done ... Who will Tie Bell on the Cat's Tail


  1. Which family has a better chance of surviving a famine disaster? One child or seven children family? Likewise with the family of humanity surviving the collapse of the food chain from global dying: One billion or seven billion people? The effort expended to lifesave excessive family members could be put into saving the family or humanity. See  Cannibalization: Past and Future and Babyback Ribs. Would the flood disaster in Pakistan (2010) be so bad if its population was only 10% as large as it is? We must quarantine disasters.
  2. The question is not whether 90% or more of humanity will die by 2015, the question is how will they die and whether any human beings will survive along with the rest of life on earth. Only 1% of human beings are needed to implement the recovery process.
  3. Who will tie the bell on the cat's tail?


  1. If we do nothing, life on earth will die. To stop the death of all life on earth requires drastic measures. These measures require the actions that will require controlled depopulation with the remaining population having one job: Maintaining life and sequestering CO2 back into fossil fuels until the atmospheric harmony of CO2 and temperature is re-established. While it only took several decades or a few centuries to release the CO2 sequestered by Mother Nature over millions of year it will probably take 500,000 years under the extreme conditions necessary to save life on earth. Not all life will be saved. Most species will die out. The life-saving human population will have to live a non-CO2 generating life. The implications of this will escape the reader who has not thought about this conclusion for several years. When it is said that Mother Earth will be able to support only 3% to 10% of the current global population, this is a generous estimate. As it is the case that everyday in which the Manheaven Project is not a global government is an increase in the suffering of humans that must die so is it the case that the larger the remaining human population the longer it will take to establish atmospheric harmony. Those employed in saving or extending lives-- pro-litter --will be not only unnecessary but ascribed MD2D.
  2. Food Supply Determinant: As food supplies collapse do you want to depopulate by rule of money, might, and corruption or by rule of merit, right and correctness?
  3. Essence of controlled depopulation: Reverse the CO2 sinning of humanity. A simple math fact is that each 100 pound of human beings daily generates one pound of CO2. A billion people weighing 200 lbs each generate twice of much as people weighing 100 lbs. Directly, it is 1 billion pound per day. Indirectly, the cost is much higher, e.g., it cost twice as much to transport 200 lbs as 100 lbs. We need to reduce the size of population and people.
  4. Re-balancing the CO2 level: For the long haul--the probable 500,000 years to reset the CO2 in the atmosphere--genetic selection will be required with reproduction being limited to smaller and smaller people. Initially, with the exception of a few small populations, e.g., Masai and Tutu, all individuals who exceed 5 foot 6 inches will be sterilized by cord cutting.
    1. Anyone found to be pregnant by a person greater than the height limit wil be euthanized.
    2. Anyone who exceeds weight guidelines by 5% will be euthanized.
    3. Anyone who gets pregnant before age 30 and who has not been in a five-year stable relationship is euthanized.
  5. How people die: The percentage of people dying from natural causes will decrease as more people die either from the chaos of global dying or from Depopulation to reverse global dying. Unless prevented by social, economic and political collapse, controlled depopulation will proceed through more drastric steps-- Banned Goods and Services . Basically, we need to eliminate the businesses of wants, waste and worries and re-time essential, necessary goods and services so they are provided with a lower CO2 cost.
  6. Implications of 90% Depopulation
    1. More than 90% of the housing will no longer be needed. Most suburbs, exurbs and towns will be designated as CO2 sinners requiring deconstruction and return to optimal CO2 sequestering.
    2. More than 90% of private transportation will disappear with the CO2 efficiency of mass transit becoming the norm. Expenditures for road construction and repair will drop immensely as fewer roads are needed and roads are stressed less and less from fewer wheels on the road.
    3. More than 90% of businesses will be closed down with buildings being converted into storage facilities for properties acquired from the Depopulation process.
  7. Minimal Population needs: The basic truths is that only 100,000 to 250,000 people are needed to save life on earth, the lifesaving minimum.The process will probably take about 500,000 years, fifty times greater than recorded human history of 10,000 years. In the last century, human beings have metastized a cancer that will take 5,000 centuries to cure. In the last three generations of humanity, a cancer exist that will talke 15,000 generations to cure. The longer the delay of establishing the inevitable Manheaven Project the fewer people in excess of the lifesaving minimum will be granted commutation of their death sentence from global dying.
  8. Spiteful People: Most people will not want to die without requiring everyone else to die, to wit, "If I can't live, I don't want anyone to live." That is one of the reasons that life on earth probably will not be saved. What needs to be done will not be done.
  9. US Leadership: Only the U.S. can lead in saving life on earth. And, the only way to save life on earth is controlled depopulation. The only way the US can lead is to lead in reducing its population and demanding of other countries that they observe the same depopulation process. In other words, we cannot ask others to sacrifice to save life on earth without leading in saving life on earth.
  10. Get it done: It is not enough to know that most people must die to save life on earth. Will enough die soon enough?'
  11. Useless Mouths: In the past when a population was faced with insufficient food to maintain the population, one expedient was to expell by expulsion or expiration the "useless mouths." Cities under seige would often force the useless mouths outside of the fortified walls where they would usually be killed by the besieging enemy. Some cities found it more humane to kill the useless mouths which could be properly buried, burned, or eaten. Ships becalmed in the middle of the ocean would initiate throwing useless mouths over the rails to match the food/water reserves--each becalmed day was broken by the cries of drowning useless mouths. Regardless of whether humanity suffers chaotic depopulation or controlled depopulation, the principle of useless mouths will become a primary prinicple in the decisions of individuals, communities and nations. In the cases of the useless mouths who were CO2 sinners long after the writing began to appear on the wall, they will deserve their early demise.
  12. Strife Means No Life: If we cannot reduce the population without strife then for none will there be life.
  13. Scorched Earth Policy: Civil War South versus Russians in WWII--who lost their war by feeding the enemy?

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