Texas Oil Cartel

Because of the money involved, the oil industry has been buying politicians since oil became a primary time-saving tool. Like all time-saving tools in the hands of suddenly wealthy people, the suddenly "richer beyond their dream" bumpkins started buying politicians to get favorable laws and taxes. This was and is true of all corporations in general and of oil companies in particular.

America is suffering from a group of people who control America more than any other group. This group is grounded in Texas and in oil. An accurate descriptive label is Texas Oil Cartel. Like all cartels, its allegiance is suspect. The action of business cartels is one of the reasons why the original republic--Rome--denied high office to merchants. The reason was that merchants in the first democracy--Greece--had at times put the interest of Greece secondary to the merchants' greed for money. The same can be concluded about the Texas Oil Cartel in reading the following headlines, quotations or scanned articles.

  • "Between 1946 and 1951 the number of independents and major oil companies doing business in Midland rose from 135 to 363, as companies such as J. S. Abercrombieqv of Houston and Rowan Drilling of Fort Worth established local offices. Among the newcomers were growing numbers of young men from other parts of the country; George H. W. Bush ...." Oil In Texas
  • "When small oil producers went to George W. Bush to help in getting President Bush to remove a tax on their drilling costs, the son took up their cause with his father's White House. Scan
  • "[Bush] hopes to use the Western energy crisis to win political support in Congress for his controversial agenda of expanding exploration into environmentally sensitive areas in Alaska and the Rocky Mountains." Scan
  • Cheney:  "I am impressed by the extent to which OPEC seems to have got its act together. For the first time in a long time there is optimism." Article.
  • The Supreme Court has a member who was born on one of the largest ranches in West Texas, practiced law in New Mexico and is, at the minimum, beholden to the Texas Oil Cartel.
  • The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court owes his rise to Republican politics in the state where he is from: Texas.
  • Texas has a surplus of electricity, projected at 20+%, and Texas is one of the three electricity grids in the United States: West, East, Texas. No electricity flows from Texas to any other state. Do you here Governor Bush who says there are no magic wands to the energy crisis talk about integrating Texas into the rest of the United States? Why? The same money dictators responsible for the California energy crisis wants to keep Texas surplus off the open market until they can price gouge Americans under the bushitters' leadership .

A Human Cancer in the White House

A malignant cancer is a part of a body that does not produce any useful product for the larger body while consuming increasing amounts of body energy and generating bodily toxins. Between monopolizing and misallocating resources along with manufacture of toxins, the cancer slowly but surely kills the body and itself with the death. This describes our energy crises. Hopefully, the discovery of the oil field-drought connection will not be like the physician doing exploratory surgery only to sew up the patient without any attempt to fix the problem.

By the time the oil men in the Bush Administration--Eco Fascists from the top down--shift energy gears, the America economy and environment may have already careened off the cliff. Expecting the oil companies, which control the administration, to come up with a cure to our energy and economic crises is like accepting treatment for cancer at an Agent Orange plant.

Tax Avoidance by the Newly Rich

It was also true of the internet nuveau rich newbies--rags to riches in a few years with an unanimous cry of "Don't tax the internet." The collapse of the high tech, internet-rich Nasdaq died of the primary tax that affects all human organization--ignorance. MBA's and speculators ignored basic profit rules only to be taxed by the maxim: Ignorance is bliss only until the ignored problems ruin your life. What happened to the internet is happening to humanity as we ignore the true long-term cost of energy--timistic analyses.


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