Timistic Energy Analysis

This research benefitted from the what can be called the "timistic clutter cutter." Timism is a system of information organization based on a discovered unity of existence. Timism is the periodic table of existence. Timism was used in researching, analyzing and developing the specifics of the oil-drought connection.

The timistic paradigm is similar to the periodic table of elements in chemistry, only broader and more encompassing, including the table of elements. Instead of using temperatures and weights to establish periodicity, the existence behind the table has used the simple and obvious: time. For sysnopsis of timism, see summary and essay.

All of the components of the energy picture are quantifiable in time: oil molecules, wind, temperature, oil extractors and oil users. The intermediate product is time based--currency--what is your time currently worth. The relative accumulation of wealth or time is named after time: profit, pro esse. The basic wealth of humanity and of existence, time, is obscured by economists building houses of cards on spiderwebs and by financial bureaucrats building futures in sand traps.

The basic or timistic economics of energy are as follows.

  1. Forget about numbers on papers (dollars, pesos, yens) all of which are used for smoke and mirrors by middle men. Think in the basic value of life, lifehours.
  2. Think in terms of energy use making you feel good today but rotten tomorrow like getting stupid drunk or hooked.

Consider the following cost of a barrel of oil which when transformed into automobiles or electricity save consumers, say, 100 hours of labor. The following shows that energy use is profitable at the start, moreso for a politicians than the polity, but an unprofitable transaction as its residual impact exacts reparation payments on future generations--an environmental after-the-fact tax.
State of Oil or Coal Life
In ground none 0 none none
Extract, Process & Transport 20 -20 bookkeeping oil companies
Consumer buy for 50 lifehours of wages 0 30 consumers habitual politicians
Consumers use for 100 lifehours, gain 50 lifehours 100 50 environment of future habitual politicians
Reparation Payments In the currency that transcends the boundaries of nations and centuries--human lifehours--the pump price of energy is just a downpayment. The following hidden costs charged not once but many times--see Post-pump or -meter charges.
Superfund cleanup 10 lifehours -10 40 taxpayers habitual politicians
Cancers and illness to residents, 10 lifehours -10 30 insurance,
habitual politicians
Droughts: Higher hydroelectricity costs, 10 lifehours of inflation unless you are Brazil where you give hydropower. -10 20 average citizens habitual politicians
Floods from Shaking Soda Pop, 10 -10 10 average citizens habitual politicains
Higher flood, hurricane and fire insurance, -5 -5 5 average citizens habitual politicians
Droughts: food costs inflation , 25 lifehours -25 -20 average citizens habitual politicians
Mental deadzones: Alzheimer ? ?

While the figures are off, the use of lifehours instead of the numbers on paper (money) used by economists allows one to see how energy use can be a losing proposition for humanity. As with other economic consideration (inflation/deflation), capitalism/decapitalism), the use of lifehours unites the symbols of our time with the substance of our time to see if we are really creating a better, more profitable life.

Consider this analysis from another perspective, in particular, Brazil's importing natural gas from Bolivia to generate electricity:

  • How much electricity is generated by the release of one molecule of carbon dioxide?
  • How much hydroelectric generation is lost by that one C02 molecule binding with 35 molecules of water to prevent precipitation?

More basically, how much does a human being benefit from the generation of the electricity that produces one molecule of C02? How much human suffering is there from the loss of 35 water molecules that go someplace other than where humans originally settled because there was sufficient water in the past?

When lifehours are used as the currency counter, economists cannot hide behind the cliche: Economists know the price of everything but the value of nothing. Playing with numbers is easy. Playing honestly with the right numbers is often non-existent. Of all the number runners and number players that have harmed humanity, the worst are the economists hired by politicians to hide the truth behind numbers, e.g., the tobacco industry.

The above timistic analysis does not adequately answer the question: Have we passed the point where the time-savings of a barrel of oil or ton of coal are negated by the time-losses due to environment changes? Clearly, oil did not have today's long-term costs when Colonel Drake gave birth to the modern oil industry in Titusville, PA, 1857. Have we past the point where oil is wasting more time than it is saving? Is oil too much sugar, insulin or alcohol?

  • If you asked this writer--a timist sine qua non--his conclusion is that we haven't yet paid fully for the gasoline burned in 1980's. The point of net human losses in lifehours was years ago.
  • If you asked the people
    • who gain millions of lifehours (dollars) to enslave others and
    • who don't pay the long-term, on-going, annual reparation payments
      they will only think of the money they make each year that will let them live, play and retire someplace other than where they get their dirty money.

In other words, the money dictators behind the habitual politicians will never accept or acknowledge that a point of no human profits exists in the oil industry. Sayeth the oil baron, "If hungry, let them eat dust ... If thirsty, the oceans are full of water." Increased oil production is a Saltwater solution to our energy crises.

Oil is analogous another reputed tool of productivity: Slavery. George Washington argued that in the big picture, the country did not benefit overall in the short-term or long-term from slavery. As only a few plantation masters benefit from salvery so do only a few oil families gain from the enslavement of humnaity to oil.

The term "reparation" payments is used not only because it describes the on-going, annual debits from new income for old mistakes, but it captures the inevitable consequences of reparation payments. If there was a single cause for the German hyperinflation of the 1920's that led to Nazi extremism, it was the reparation payments exacted on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. The difference between the Germany then and humanity today is that the reparation source and fascist response are one and the same: Eco Fascists.

At the beginning of the 3rd Millennium, one need not look far to see the rise of extremism throughout the world because of inflationary price hikes and suffering. Even if OPEC kept the price of oil stable, the rising cost of oil damage will push humanity into an economic depression as more time goes to contend with the oil drought problems. Ironically, the political transfer of wealth has initiated a depression that will curtail oil production which will be good for humanity. Better an economic depression from political fraud, corruption and stupidity than one from the oil. One can be corrected in a few years at the next election. The other might never be correctable.

The primary physical reason for rising environmental reparation inflation is the abuse of energy resources. The primary human reasons are habitual politicians, money dictators, American consumers and human procreators. The only force that can change the decline are the American habitual politicians. In light of their nullifying campaign and voting reform, no change is going to happen.

The energy reparation costs are going to increase even if we cut our energy consumption. If the Texas oil cartel that controls the White House have their way, the reparation payments will increase faster with the existence of civilization becoming the final reparation payment. We are in an economic, existential meltdown.

The above analysis was completed before the World Trade Center Terrorism. Would it have happened without the modern black plague of oil? Oil provided the money for Osama Bin Laden to traipse from drought-stricken country to drought-stricken country recruiting victims of upwind oil fields: Yemen, Sudan, Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. Each act of terrorism funded by oil dollars and fueled by oil droughts increases the timistic losses of each barrel of oil.

Additional Downwind Costs:

  1. Fire fighters: Deaths and costs
  2. Transportation infrastructure collapsing, buckling highways and twising railroad tracks.


  1. 020808 Global oil demand recovery on track
    "THE INTERNATIONAL ENERGY Agency (IEA) said it expected demand to jump sharply in the fourth quarter this year and continue through 2003, even though its performance so far this year has been sluggish."

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