The Smoking Bite

Donut: Ophelia 2005
Candy Swirl: Gustave 2002
2004 Bonnie Bite, Visible
Stalled Front: Frances 2004
Split/Gizzard: George 1998
2004 Bonnie Bite, IR

There is something interesting about the above satellite images. Notice the continuous gradations of CO2 cloaking of the hurricanes in the left and center columns compared to the sharp, out-of-flow cloaking of Bonnie in the right column. Bonnie is presented as both visible and infrared image. It's cloaking has the common "mottled" pattern, see mottles in Gustave 2002 cloaked area. Bonnie is a smoking gun or bite.

This image of Bonnie is a one-of-the-kind that defies the gradual development and enlargement of a CO2 blastoma from either oil production or dense populations which usually results in swirls. Bonnie's bite looks more like the expanding mushroom cloud of an explosion ... an explosion of CO2.

In the hundreds of hurricane images reviewed for this websegment on the CO2 matrix, no other similar images were found. The reader can

  1. Review NOAA's annual summary posters of hurricanes: 2000 ... 2001 ... 2003 ... 2004 (none found for 2002).
  2. Review this researcher's composite images on the "Hurricanes for Dummies" webpage (the "Images" column).
  3. Visit NOAA/NASA for a multitude of hurricane images. Beware MEGO: My Eyes Glaze Over.

The only explanation is a sudden expansion or explosion of CO2 from stored reservoirs of CO2, namely, the CO2 injected at oil platforms.  Compare the location the bite and oil leases. Earlier deep water wells are to the left of the new leases.

The smoking gun bite.Think about it.

  1. Apparently, the oil companies have known about the CO2 matrix (drought/deluge dynamics) long enough to coordinate the release of CO2 from numerous Gulf oil wells into the path of an approaching hurricane. This is like the polluter who drains his toxic waste into a storm sewer when there is a big rainfall. In other words, and very importantly, for years or decades, oil companies have been like the tobacco company who denied the cancer and addiction of smoking.
  2. Apparently, the oil companies and their government gofers have known about the CO2 matrix long enough to initiate the non-recording of data and destruction of documents to hide the CO2 matrix--See They Know: Mineral Mangement Service.

When one hears an oil company petrophiliac say that people should not worry about global warming, it is like the Japanese in the 1930's responding to questions of whether Japan was building 40,000, 50,000, or 60,000 ton battleships in violation of the 35,000 ton limit of the Washington Naval Conference. Japan was able to honestly say, "No, No, No." Japan was not lying. Japan was building 70,000 ton battleships, so big that no one thought to ask if they were building a battleship twice as big as anyone else.

Oil companies are like Japan and its 70,000 ton battleships. When asked if we should worry about CO2 causing global warming, oil company executives and their apologists can honestly say, "No. No. No." Why? Because before masses  of humanity start dying of heat prostation from global warming, most will die from global deluge/drought destroying the biomass. Many will die from the global civil war fought with terrorism, and, nuclear weapons.

To buttress this conspiracy/RICO thesis further, consider the larger satellite image from which the above Bonnie image was clipped. To the left of Bonnie is a mottled area like the bite with a seeming circular edge between Bonnie and the cloud mass off the Texas coast. More interesting, however, is the large unnatural oval void in the upper right of the image--bigger than Bonnie, directly east of Georgia/Carolinas. Between this void and the Bonnie bite one can see how the clouds are partially cloaked. One can see a demarcation line from the top of the void back to the Bonnie Bite with the moisture over Florida being two-toned. Like the oil fire plumes formed in the 1991 Bush Iraqi war, the CO2 plume moves at a given altitude and disperses gradually. Above the CO2 blastoma are cloud fragments unaffected by lower altitude CO2 plume. If oil platform records and satellite images were sequenced, one would probably find massive coordinated CO2 release by oil companies at numerous Gulf oil wells. Meteorlogical confirmation could be further obtained by collecting temperature and dew point data from climate stations in the state of Florida. There are oil rig workers who know they were instructed to release sequestered CO2. The release is akin to, but worse, than ocean-going ships discharging bilge into the ocean, than recreational vehicles discharging into street drains, or a music bus discharging into the Chicago River just as a tourist boat passed under the grated bridge. Oil companies know about the drought/deluge of the CO2 matrix. A global holocaust has occurred in which all of humanity, not just figments of fascists fantasies, have been and are being gassed to death.

Given that the Bush Administration is controlled by the oil companies with petrophiliacs occupying the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court, it is sad to say that the house of humanity is on fire and the arsonists who started the fire are in charge of putting out the fires. Whereas the lying tobacco companies killed millions, the petrophiliacs will be responsibile for the deaths of billions.  The worst tragedy of the 20th Century was not Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot or Jim Crow. The greatest tragedy were lying oil men.

Please do not expect the petrophiliacs or the habitual politicians to admit to knowingly poisoning our environment or future. Global warming is the best example of how when you have habitual problems, the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician. If you like habitual problems, vote for habitual politicians.

Without better democracy and capitalism, what needs to be done will not be done.

It is well documented how systems of moisture off the coast of West Africa become the core of some of worst hurricanes, e.g., Isabel 2003. This researcher tracked Isabel from its first appearances many days before any media accounts. Global images show how duststorms from the Sahara Desert drop sand and microbes on the Americas. These phenomenon north of equator reflects how the equatorial winds blow from Africa to the US. The US weather is more affected by what is happening Africa than from the land mass above Africa, Europe.

After the discovery of the New World, ships took advantage of the prevailing wind patterns. New World bound ships would sail south to near Africa before steering to the west. (This was known as the Middle Passage, a blemished phrase.) Once in the New World, the ships loaded New World products and sailed north until the caught the winds blowing toward Europe. Quite often, the same New England business factors that arranged for the importation of slaves on the Middle Passage arranged for the shipment of American products to Europe. The circuitous route of sailing ships has import for the climate changes from America's CO2 blastomas on the climate of Europe:

"Heavy rains in the United Kingdom southward into France were responsible for localized flooding during August 16-19. A landslide trapped 57 motorists on a road in Scotland, while flash flooding devastated the tourist village of Boscastle. The rainfall was due in part to the remnants of Tropical Storm Bonnie that had affected the United States a week earlier (Reuters)."

The "rainfall was due in part to the remnants of Tropical Storm Bonnie" but more likely to the massive, unnatural super-blastoma that explosively developed before Bonnie and Charlie.

The massive CO2 blastoma obvious in the above Bonnie image, the CO2 matrix predicts that it would absorb water over the Atlantic and dump it on Europe. One of the principles of the CO2 matrix is the a CO2 plume will absorb water until conditions a "soda bottle" shake initiates violent torrential precipitation.

  1. This occurs downwind from oil fields where droughts are present and beyond which torrential rains become the norm.
  2. This is what occurs within hurricanes when the CO2 blastoma merges with the cyclonic mass and produces the most torrential rain in the quadrant where the CO2 is no long binding water into clusters.

The old economic adage that when America sneezes the rest of the world gets a cold can now be complemented by the maxim that as America increases its size and frequency of CO2 blastomas, Europe gets more droughts and deluges. Portugal's drought originates in America's SUV's. But Portugal politicians who make money off of the American globalization of nations will continue to be petrophliacs.

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