Shaking Pop Bottles:
Torrential Rains &
Fat Snow Packs

If it is the case that the water is bound up in less precipitable molecular clusters, as indicated in basic science and the airport fog control programs, the question is when and how does it precipitate. The answer can be found in what happens when you shake up and open a two-liter bottle of carbonated beverage--a torrential release. The spin bars or bares the reaction.

Once conditions are right, the atmosphere initiates a cathartic, expurgation, that is, torrential rains:

  • U.S. Southeast: If you look at the map of the drought-stricken SouthEastern United States, an usual thing happened to the areas beyond the drought area. While the SouthEast had drought, in Summer 2000, the Mid-Atlantic states had torrential rains every few days. In the previous year, North Carolina had more than one once-in-a-century torrential rain. (Personal observation on swollen stuck doors.). With increased Gulf oil production area over the previous year, the drought area enlarged and the downpours were more distant.
  • Upper Midwest: After the record 1997 once-in-500-year flood that destroyed downtown Fargo, South Dakota, the Midwest is confronting another once-in-500 year flood only four years later. One city manager was heard on TV to say that this was his fourth once-in-500-year flood in as many years. Integrating the oil-drought, downwind flood relationship explains why once-in-500-year flood can be an annual event. Increased rainfall harms farming (can't grow) and health (mosquitos grow). The pump price of a gallon of gasoline is only a downpayment with the final cost including the economic cost of destroyed cities, homes, farms and homes.
  • Sub-Saharan Drought: A review of the literature on the Sub-Sahara drought shows either displaced rainfall "falling on the oceans" or downpours that "destroyed plantings.", e.g., Mozambique. Do you remember in 2000 the lady giving birth in a tree above record flood waters in East Africa? As in the U.S. Southeast, the rains in Africa were not the gentle, ground soaking drizzles. Rather more like a opened bottle of carbonated beverage: "When the rains did come to Kenya [suffering years of droughts], they came with a vengeance, thunderous through the nights, as water rushed through rural and urban areas."
  • Chinese drought: China has encountered unusual weather this year. While the temperature was generally higher than the historic average, there has been much less rain in the north, resulting in serious droughts in most areas. Meanwhile, in the south, rainstorms occur frequently, causing ruthless floods, according to the July 21 Xinhua She (Xinhua News Agency) and Zhongguo Xinwen She (China News Service, 21 July 2000). General, seasonal wind patterns with the CO2 pop bottle shake might explain this. On June 9, 2001, a torrential rain resulted in massive flooding where "The Hong Kong Observatory recorded rainfall of more than 80 inches in the worst-hit rural areas." AP [A later story reported 12" of rain in five hours CNN--that's about 2.4" per hour, a lot of water.]
  • Houston, June 8, 2001: "Up to 28 inches of rain have fallen in some parts of Houston since Tuesday [June 5]." CNN Twenty-eight counties were declared disasters. [I wonder if the head of FEMA is going to ask the people of Houston and the 28 counties to move to higher ground like he did the people who live along the Mississippi?]
  • String physicists could benefit from studying climatology: The spin bars or bares the reaction. At the atomic and molecular level the resonance or spin of a CO2/H20 cluster is different over dry land and wet land. Like an electromagnet attracting more metal as the current increases, so does a rain-soaked area serve as magnet for subsequent CO2 clouds saturated with CO2 plume water until the wind patterns create a break, e.g.,
  • An irony is how some areas can have higher than average rain but because it comes as torrential rains, it runs off into the streams and rivers with the result of lower ground moisture and lower water tables that require rationing: A few weeks after sandbags for a Mississippi flood, barges get stuck because waater is low with concerns about withered crops and flashpoint forests.
  • A probable and logical extension of the drought envelope with distant torrents is the boundary of torrential rains moving further from the oil fields as production increases. InYear 2000, the torrential, murderous floods were in North Carolina. In Year 2001, the torrential, murderous floods took their toll in West Virginia and Virginia.

Note: It is not being claimed that this "shake the bottle" mechanism causes the floods or droughts but makes them worse. Likewise, as the ocean currents carries warm or coolness that alters weather of adjacent land masses, so do the atmospheric currents affect terra firma temperature. As humidity makes a house hot and muggy or cold and dank, so does increased atmospheric moisture content make cold extremes colder.

Hurricane/typhoon interaction: Based on this thesis and from several observation on repeated once-in-500 year downpours and flood, the following seems to be the mechanism of greater flooding from hurricanes

  1. When the tropical depression approaches or crosses land, it enounters not merely dry air that will slow it down but carbonated air (C02 laden).
  2. The carbon dioxide binds up water that would otherwise be precipitating at the normal, historical rate.
  3. The weather system becomes primed with a growing amount of moisture in new molecular clusters that precipitate in mass at a critical point of atmospheric conditions--the shaken soda bottle
  4. More rain falls in a given time period or land area.

In effect, it is similar to charging a capacitor or a battery with something shortening the system for a massive discharge.

Houston: Do you read me?

Wind Patterns

Green line is equator.  Saudi Arabia is at right.

NASA Satellite
June 15, 2001

Notice band of winds (a atmospheric milky way) crossing Africa into Atlantic. As summer and hurricane season progresses, this wind moves northward.

Under this climatic model, the following occurs in regards to torrential rains in the Western Hemisphere as seen in the above textbook and NASA images:

  1. Saudi Arabian flares produce plumes of CO2 that flow into the Easterlies over the Horn of Africa. (The right lower curved pink arrow off the pink line)
  2. The Easterlies proceed across Africa, dessicating the land as the CO2 absorbs the land water.
  3. More CO2 is added to the flow as the Easteries cross Nigeria where Shell Oil flares 1/4 of the total global flared gases. This flaring is the cause of the West Africa Sahel drought.
  4. These dessicating winds pick up more moisture from the Atlantic Ocean as they leave Africa
    • If they spin up and curve back to Europe, Europe will get the once in 500 year storms, e.g., the storm that destroyed trees gifted to France more than a century ago.
    • If they proceed across the Atlantic as tropical depressions, they will have more moisture than comparable hurricanes without the "Carbos loading" of flared plumes.
  5. When it starts to rain, it has a lot more rain to unleash.

Under this atmospheric model, the people of Houston (2001) were recipients of moisture that would otherwise have nutured the crops on the Horn and Sahel of Africa. Anyone that thinks oil is a time-saver does not under this model nor appreciates the timistic analysis of oil. As the droughts of rain will get worse with increased CO2 plumes, so will the draughts of rain.

The 2001 Houston meteorological nightmare of Tropical Storm Allison (12 inches rainfall in about six hours) provides an interesting consideration:

Forecasters described Allison -- the first named storm of 2001 -- as a hybrid storm that lacked some of the normal characteristics of a tropical storm or hurricane.

"If it was a pure tropical storm, the weather would be wrapped totally around it," said Bill Read, meteorologist in charge of the Houston-Galveston National Weather Service office. "Instead it's only raining on the east and north side of it and totally dry on the west side."

This "hybrid" storm description fits the proposed dessicating model. The leading edge of hurricane encounters the accumulated local Texagenic CO2 (power plants and oil wells). The elevated C02 binds the leading edge moisture into non-precipitating clusters. Only later when the clusters are fully charged does the water precipitate out torrentially. The traditionally trained meterologists can work out the details. This author does not have access to multi-million dollar super-computers.

Carbon dioxide is a salt to the atmosphere, a dessicant. Plumes of CO2 soak up water downwind. When the water does precipitate it is like giving a diuretic to a beer-logged drunk. It's a pissing mess.


  1. A CO2 plume acts like a sponge when it encounters bodies of moist air until some atmospheric agitation squeezes the sponge with the water torrentially pouring out in a smaller area whereas previously it would have drizzled over an extend area.
  2. Seemingly, as described differently above, the unusual "sponge," once established, serves as a magnet and catalyst drawing in both CO2 plumes and moisture creating the torrential rains. An analogy is the Dresden firestorm or western forest fires that create their own storm systems once of sufficient size.

Additional Information:

  • 010111 "Algeria flood toll more than 300"
    The sudden inundation followed several weeks of pronounced dryness in the region. After a 24-hour downpour, the rain had largely stopped by Saturday afternoon.
  • 010723 "Flash Floods, Mudslides Kill At Least 91 People in Pakistan"
    24 inches of rain had fallen in Islamabad -- the heaviest downpour recorded in the capital in 100 years, weather officials said.
  • 010801 "Scores die in freak Indonesian storms"
    Incessant rain triggered floods and landslides .... Although Indonesia is in the middle of its annual dry season, there has been an unseasonal amount of rainfall in parts of the country.
  • 010801 "Rainfall runoff linked to illnesses"
    More than half the waterborne disease outbreaks in the United States during the last half-century followed a period of extreme rainfall ...
  • 010813 "Past the Saturation Point Heavy Rain Floods Homes"
    'We've had a few storms that have been of this nature. What makes this one different is how quickly the water came down.
  • 010820 "Flash flooding snarls Chicago traffic"
    The flash flooding, an uncommon event in Chicago, began early Thursday morning when heavy rain moved through the area. One downpour lasted more than an hour.
  • 010821 "Powerful Storm Slams Western Japan"
    The leading edge of the storm [Mexico] carried little rain....
  • 010902 "More than 100 feared dead in Nigeria flooding"
    The flash floods in Jigawa and Kano states, both in the arid northern belt of Nigeria on the lower fringes of the Sahara Desert, have been described by residents as unprecedented.
  • 011020 "Heavy rainfall floods Argentina's Pampas"
    We don't have any record of such a flood in recent memory.
  • 011023 "Aid rushed to N. Korea flood victims"
    The area was hit hard by two days of unprecedented torrential rain that left tens of thousands of hectares of arable land submerged.
  • 011130 "Flooding on Argentina's Pampas adds to economic woes"
    Months of unusually heavy rains have flooded millions of acres in the famed region, adding to Argentina's economic crisis.
  • 011219 "Record rains fall on the Northwest"
    In Washington, record rainfall totals for the date were reported from Olympia to the Seattle-Tacoma airport to the north and Stampede Pass in the Cascades to the east. The total at Olympia, 2.12 inches, easily bested the mark of 1.38 inches set in 1966.
  • 020108 "Heavy snowstorms hit Russia's far east"
    Some two months' worth of snow showered down upon the far eastern region, piling half a metre of snow upon numerous villages and bringing down electrical lines. [Siberians clearly have not been to Minnesota.] Vladivostok dwellers also witnessed a rare snow thunderstorm, which had been seen only twice in the 20th century. [110128 update: Snow thunder is becoming frequent as the soda bottle shake of increased moisture density from FRQ clusters increases atmospheric electrostatic disparities.]
  • 020809  "Floods Sweep Through Europe, More Than 20 Dead"
    "One weather station on the river recorded the highest rainfall in 48 hours since records began over 100 years ago."
  • 020816 "Huge cost of Czech floods"
    "Floods across the Czech republic will cause billions of dollars of damage to the country's historic monuments and devastate tourism, officials say."
  • 020901 "New Flooding Hits Central Europe"
    "Areas of Germany hit hard by last month's flooding were back under water Sunday after rainstorms deluged the east of the country and parts of Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Poland."
  • 020913 "Drought to deluge"
    "On the heels of a summer-long drought, the heavens opened on Colorado, pouring up to 2 inches of precipitation in some areas."
  • 020914 "Drought. Fire. Tornadoes. Hail. Rain. Mudslides."
    "A potent afternoon storm moved quickly across parts of Denver, turning Interstate 25 into a six-lane river on the second consecutive day the skies erupted."
  • 020915 Flooded cars Image
  • 040802 "Deluge floods southern Japan .... Since last Friday [3 days] ... as much as 48 inches of rain have fallen in some areas"

Oil drought and ground frequency: Water;-logged level has more gravitational pull. Water more likely to fall over waterlogged land. Which has more gravitational variation: water-logged ocean or water-logged land? One is stable, the other has currents

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