Global Holocaust from Carbon Dioxide

The below table shows parallels between Nazi fascists and today's moneytheists . The former gassed millions while the latter are billions. While Hitler failed at his Final Solution, the financial fascists behind petrophilia, despotism and decapitalism have pushed life on earth past the tipping point with a complete, irreversible final solution.

Dynamics of Holocaust: German versus Global


Originators Nazis Habitual Politicians, Tenured Economists and Petrophiliacs
Final Solution Written Wachasee Village Harvard University
Investors German workers including Jews Working people everywhere trapped by 401ks to fund self-destruction.
Transporters Engineers, dispatchers, Truckers Airline Pilots ... Truck Drivers, Blame Yourself
Safety/Security Forces: Local, State and National Concentration Camp Guards First Responders: Make no mistake of it, those who should be protecting life on earth will enforce the "will of the deciders" up to the point that the fires of global dying consume the gate defenders and their loved ones.
Igknowant Populace Germans claiming they didn't know. DooDoo Digesters, Pulpiteers, Funny Mentalists , Cretinists, Evilutionists, Scumnuts , HalfGoddists
Apologists Religion and Media Religion and Media
Religious Support Major Religions Major Religions
Gas Used Zyklon-B Green House Gases ... Fossil Fuel Fools
Willing Inmates Security for freedom Security for freedom
At the beginning of the Civil War, it was said that the lights of liberty were dimming. At the beginning of the First World War, the British Foreign Minister, Sir Edw. Grey, said of Europe, "The lights are going out and we will not see them lit again in our lifetime." Today, of the compassionate conservatives behind the Global Holocaust, one can take no joy in knowing that their lights are being extinguished forever.

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