Steve Koepp
Executive Editor
Time Magazine

Re: Search for Innovators

Dear Sir:

Would you know a revolutionary if he burned down your house? On the enclosed CD is a treatise--Timism--that will burn down many schools of thought to their foundation. Whether you accept the treatise or not, the following is a revolutionary statement:

Timism: The Periodic Table of Existence,
What Einstein had in mind but not in words.

Hopefully, the introductory and a final paragraph will  prompt you to call up the file.

Before man had sufficient and diverse raw knowledge to see the quantifiable and qualifiable time in each part of existence, schools of thought arose independently like descendants from the Tower of Babel. Time is the universal linkage of all existence. When taken as the point of reference for understanding existence, this linkage becomes the unifying language.


If Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, Louis Pasteur, Milton Friedman and Albert Einstein, among others, synthesized their ideas on democracy, capitalism, biology, economics and physics into a common, universal language,  they would come up with timism.Timism is a new way of looking at life to get the most time out of your lifetime. Timism is a system of understanding for values that will last a lifetime.

Timism provides a needed analysis of what is capitalism and what is its antithesis: decapitalism. The enclosed CD contains some of a website that I am launching in hopes of stopping our existential meltdown. Links on this letter can be accessed by opening Lt-TimeMagEditor.htm. The CD does not contain the bulk of the site: 2400 pages, 25 megs.

Attached is my baloney sheet which can also be accessed for verification of my achievements.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bob Barnett
3600 Anne
Richmond, VA 23225-4721

804-231-7845 home
804-305-6183 cell

P.S. Timism was the main reason that David Manning White, one of the two people who prompted journalism to redefine itself as mass communication, to give me years of advice, editing, meals and dollars to try to come up with a practical implementation.

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