When the Ice Cube Melts ...

The rising temperatures of global warming have been blamed for the disappearance of the polar ice cap, Antarctic ice shelves and all mountain glacers.

  • Vast sheets of ice on the warming fringes of Antarctica may be on the verge of collapse and could eventually release rivers of ice that would cause sea levels worldwide to rise more rapidly than expected, according to new study of satellite images released Tuesday. (www.space.com)
  • The ice that covers the ocean near the North Pole is thinning, according to many scientific studies. On average, it has dropped from about 10 feet thick to six feet since 1975, scientists say, which to many suggests that the burning of fossil fuels is causing a "greenhouse" effect and increasing global temperatures. (WashPost)
  • STANDING on North America's most visited glacier in summer, you can hear the sound of climate changing. Gurgles and babbles build to a crescendo where water cascades down holes in the ice. The Mendenhall glacier in south-east Alaska is melting and it's raising a ruckus about it. (NewScientist.com)

Imagine a sweaty man sitting in a closed room throwing logs on a fire who benefits from a block of ice behind him to keep the room cooler than it otherwise would be. What happens when ice cube melts?

Well, when the ice melts, buy a bushitters air conditioner and set it on the floor behind you, for there are no windows in the increasingly hot world in which we live.

While the decline of ice mass is accelerating, long before the Antarctic mass is gone (average temp -70 degrees), people will be dead from the heat and droughts.

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