Frequency Reducing Quagmires of CO2

Any computer modeling without the FRQ cluster properties is an optimistic cluster bomb predicting a later rather than a sooner end of life on earth. Anyone who promotes a solution to global warming incompatible with the FRQ cluster properties should be executed for crimes against life on earth for wasting precious time on snake oil and false hopes.

A carbon dioxide molecule binds with water molecules to form clusters of about 34 or 165 molecules.
It is the properties of these clusters in the atmosphere that explains:
  1. Dry Ice: Frozen Carbon Dioxide
  2. Global Warming and Heat Trapping: Food chain
  3. Droughts: Longer and Meaner: Foodchain
  4. Fires: Forest, Swap and Fields
  5. Deluges: Sudden and Meaner
  6. Hurricane Intensity and Shapes
  7. Polar Moisture/Wetness--see ~061129 USAToday
  8. Warm days with warmer nights ...
  9. Polar disparities: North is warming faster: Bonds/EMF
  10. Weather Sluts: Blasts of Record Cold/Hot: moisture heat content, spin ... CO2 clouds ... Antarctic Melt-070516NYT ... London ... Denver
  11. Homemade Ice Cream
  12. California Snow and European Windstorms, January 2007: Horizontal lightning, heat lightning
  13. Bee Colony Disappearance: As atmospheric CO2 causes droughts by dehydrating land so does it de-colonize bees by dehydration.
  14. Biomass: Stress and Death
  15. Dumbing on a Global Scale, the Alpha-Trifecta
  16. Tipping point: Transparency of clusters let more light through rather than reflect. Computer models on rate of global warming are greatly off for cloud coverage will decrease at a faster rate as CO2 increases. Computer modeling without the FRQ cluster properties is like a high-performance car without gas, oil or water.
  17. FRQ Clusters are the reason that living tissue is mostly, about 95%, water. They are examples of the River of Existence at the metabolic level, that is, items of existence that are constantly changing components while maintaining the general, derived form and function.
  18. Based on the sudden disintegration of FRQs, windshear and Santa Ana's Winds are molecular examples of the nuclear "God of K" triggering a chain reaction at critical mass.

Understanding the properties of these clusters are essential to realizing that we have passed the tipping point, that is, global warming has become global dying. On a positive note, understanding these are the key to not passing the recovery point, an understanding that can minimize the dessication of the biomass that is leading to the massive forest, swamp and field fires that are accelerating global dying. All things considered, these clusters should be called Frequency Reducing Quagmires, that is, FRQ clusters.

Compared to your average weatherman who is nothing more than a glorified used car saleman, this writer has a more significant background in physics, electronics, chemistry, biology, physiology and cognition. If one reviews threads of timetimism, levels of existence, dynamic density, and symphony of existence , one will take these FRQ properties of CO2 more seriously. However, your average meteorologist will invariably say that these properties don't make sense.

Even worse than the meteorologists are weathermen on TV who are media bobbleheads. These teleprompter readers spend more time primping and posturing than they spend on investigating our weather. This writer has been repeatedly disappointed in the response of the media over the years since 1982. Sadly for humanity, the public voices for global warming are Ivory Soap pure, that is, 99 44/100 pure idiots who don't know what they talking about. Their serious intonations--the Katie Corrupt effect--is a link in the chain of why what needs to be done will not be done.

One of the lucky things in the of this free thinker was the decision in graduate school to study CO2's effects on metabolism and mentality. Numerous periodicals were read and "3x5'd." Unfortunately, along with a lot of other academic detritus, these cards were deep-sixed in about 1976. However, the awareness of and respect for CO2 and its mechanisms has served this writer well in considering the impact of CO2 on mental meterology --weather.

Properties of FRQ Clusters (top)
If carbon dioxide is not present, water binds together at a higher rate. Bound water precipitates faster at a higher dew point--Calculator. Carbonated water does not precipitate faster.

  1. Global Warming and Heat Trapping (top)
    One often hears that global warming is due to gases that trap heat or energy.  Just what does this mean? This is non-informational because both heat and energy are perspectives of rather than descriptive of an actual process, mechanism or dynamics. It is like explaining gifts on December 25 as coming from Santa Claus. It's like the foolishness of first lovers who say they will pay their bills with love. Or, explaining higher prices as a result of inflation rather than what causes inflation--see Inflation: An Inflated Word. If one cannot describe or understand both heat and energy from the perspective of vibration, frequency or resonance, than one will not understand global warming sufficiently to reverse global warming. This understanding must be based on the changes in the vibration, frequency or resonance observing Fourier Transforms. Fourier, a physicist and a mathematician, was the first to describe greenhouse gases based on his molecular understanding of heat and how the atmosphere can trap extra-terrestrial energy as increased atmospheric vibration ... in 1824! (Fourier and this date is very important to this writer because this writer came to the conclusion that to understand global warming one needed an understanding of Fourier math. This conclusion was years before the writer learned of Fourier's own conclusions on greenhouse gases. It is one of the reasons this writer does not care about other's opinions when objective facts support his conclusions on global dying with life being gone on earth by 2030.)

    When a microwave oven cooks your food, it is a result of an electromagnetic force (EMF) shaking or vibrating the molecules at a higher frequency. CO2 quagmires can be understood to trap heat by incorporating the echoing resonance of oxidized carbohydrates or hydrocarbons. The following analogies may clarify this frequency incorporations of CO2 quagmires. 
    1. Heat absorbers: Consider the difference between a car with and without shock absorbers. Which one will transfer the vibrations and shake your bones? Consider the difference between a heavy and a light car, which will bounce more going down a pot-hole plagued road? These automobile examples explain why an increasingly carbonated atmosphere traps heat.
      1. Large molecules, clusters or quagmires absorb or trap the vibrations of "heated" molecules.
      2. Smaller molecules pass on the vibrations into outer space.
    2. FRQ clusters do not let the vibrations pass out into the universe but rather raise the cluster frequency with is shared with other atmospheric molecules. This higher rate of molecular vibration is what constitutes trapping heat by green house gasses.
    3. Gravity: The dynamics of heat are the same as gravity. Prima facea, gravity traps matter. It is not heat that is trapped but the molecules with lower gravitational frequencies. It is the spin or frequency that contains the lower harmonics which gravitationally propel globs of matter hither and thither. One can see this in the different speeds of the emf spectrum from novas in traversing the universe, hither and thither.
    4. A parallel, common example is how temperatures drop less in winter when it is cloudy rather than a clear sky. The water clusters in the cloud absorb and trap the "heat" radiating from below.
  2. Droughts (top)
    In binding up the water into CO2 quagmires that have altered dew points, the carbonated atmosphere dries out the land over which the CO2 moves until it has formed all the possible FRQ clusters from the unclustered CO2.
  3. Deluges: (top)
    The water density in a given volume of FRQ cluster is greater than the same volume of uncarbonated water. This is akin to how the carbon density in a gallon of diesel fuel is greater than the carbon density of gasoline with the former having greater energy output, e.g., a diesel engine gets more mileage than a gasoline engine per gallon of fuel. The greater water or "energy" density of FRQ clusters evidences itself when environmental conditions trigger precipitation--a Levo-Dextro shift . The amount and force of precipitation is greater from more carbonated clouds than from less carbonated atmospheres. Given that FRQ clusters cloak moisture but affect climate, they explain why you can have unexpected precipitation as the clusters are uncloaked and how you can have gusty winds without the normally visible clouds--the wind effecting moisture is there but you don't see it.
  4. Hurricane Changes: (top)
    Hurricane quantity and quality (intensity) has and will increase as a result of increased carbonation of the atmosphere due to more FRQ clusters ... up to a point of rising CO2 that prevents the formation of CO2. In addition, because the wavelength of the cluster is invisible to the naked eye, areas of the hurricane that encounter masses of CO2 from oil wells or metropolitan areas will be invisible--see Cloaking, Hurricanes for Dummies, Cloud Sucking CO2, and 2006: Where are the hurricanes?
  5. Weather Sluts: Because the FRQ cluster cloak the moisture into entities that do not reflect or refract sunlight, one can have the false sense of safety because the sky is not cloudy. But a diseased-ridden slut in her sunday best, atmosphere currents of FRQ clusters are the disease that will speed up the destruction of the biomass and collapse of the food-chain--see Weather Sluts.
  6. Biomass stress: (top)
    Contrary to the mantra of the petrophiliacs, increased atmospheric CO2 does not mean increased agricultural production. Research has shown that the bandied increased growth from increased CO2 is just the opposite: Stressed plants that die. In the real world, the increased carbonation of the ocean contributes to the death of coral systems. The FRQ clusters account for this in two ways:
    1. Plants have evolved to absorb water through both root and leaves. The pores (stomata) are of a size that complemented the atmospheric population of water molecules which are smaller than the FRQ clusters. As a result of the shift in the ratio of water droplets to FRQ clusters, less water is being absorbed by plants. It is like giving a baby a bushel of whole apples instead of a feeding of apple sauce. Plants in an increasingly carbonated atmosphere are like the sailors on waterless ships in the middle of the ocean: Water, water everywhere but not a drop will pass.
    2. A second reason for plants not benefitting from the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere is the symphony of existence principle for dynamic systems. Entities interact based on similar or dissimilar frequencies like the cogs on gears which mesh or don't mesh. The symphony of existence is the basis of gravity . It is the principle from which gold prospectors would swirl and shake a pan of dust and gold to have the gold separate out. Because the FRQ clusters have a different primary resonant frequency than the water entities to which plants are "tuned," plants are not able to attract molecules efficiently and effectively to stay healthy and prosper.
  7. Global Dumbing: (top)
    While it might be said that the Bushitters have been sniffing glue, the truth is that they are exhibiting the traits of a person who is suffering from increased concentrations of CO2 which can be known as Zyklon-C. Zyklon-B was the gas which the Nazis used to exterminate millions of people. Appropriately, the rising CO2 is globally gassing humanity. Thanks to the petrophiliacs we are living in a global concentration camp that is gassing us to death. It should be called Zyklon-C to echo how the same attitudes and same people behind Hitler and Nazism are alive and well in political circles and corporate boards of humanity. Increased CO2 is behind the alpha trifecta: increasing rates of alzheimers, autism and ADHD.

The solution to global warming involves addressing and resolving the clusters. More basically, the issue of cluster makers needs to be addressed. In other words, stopping global warming is merely a band-aid solutions to the number one problem of humanity, too many human beings. Unfortunately, global warming, drying and dumbing is going to cause massive failure of agriculture and massive suffering of humanity.

Considering the above properties of CO2 clusters, they should be called Frequency Reducing Quagmires. The clusters are the agents of the greatest tragedy of the 20th Century, the death of life on earth. An important additional consideration is the attitude of the petrophiliacs toward humanity: FRQ!

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