Homemade Ice Cream and FRQ Clusters

When one makes homemade ice cream, one adds salt to make the ice melt faster which causes the milk to freeze faster. As ice melts it "soaks up" heat--actually reduces the frequency of the milk molecules till they become a semi-solid. The same heat-transfer is happening with the melting of the polar ice caps.

Research on the properties of CO2, water and ice shows several properties akin to homemade ice cream making. CO2 makes a semi-solid slush rather than ice before, like ice cream, it becomes a hard pack at a lower temperature. As salts speeds up the melting of ice to cause adjacent matter to cool faster, so does CO2 speed up the melting of the polar ice caps. This causes adjacent areas non-polar areas to be cooler than they would otherwise be like the cream in the ice cream maker. As the salt makes abnormally transient coldness so does the CO2 affect weather patterns with extremes of coldness, see weather sluts. The rapidly accelerating melting of the Greenland icecap has implications for ocean systems and climate affected by ocean temperature. The Atlantic current passing Greenland is cooled to a lower temperature meaning that downcurrent weather will be affected, e.g., colder in London than at the Arctic Circle. More omniously would be a logical hiatus on the increase in hurricanes as a cooler current in the hurricane birthing area off the west coast of Africa would reduce the formation of hurricanes. This hurricanogenic factor can interplay with the other factor concluded by this writer a decade ago that rising CO2 would reduce hurricane formation for hurricanes require a necessary EMF co-process--see Hurricanes for Dummies.

The implications of the homemade ice cream phenomenon in rising atmospheric CO2 levels should be clear to anyone. As CO2 rises, we will not only experience greater record breaking, foodchain-destroying cold snaps, but the we will suddenly experience an end to the polar ice caps far faster than any computer model prediction that does not take into account the homemade ice cream phenomenon of FRQ clusters. And, like ice cream, once the ice is gone, the ice cream will rapidly melt as it temperature rises to room temperature. When the polar ice caps are gone, the earth's temperature will rise by degrees in months, not centuries or decades. At a certain point, the earth will start increasing losing water to the heliosphere with the earth looking like a comet revolving around the sum as the life-needing water is blown away. Initially, the ocean levels will rise from the melting of the polar ice caps before falling faster and faster as water evaporates away from our mother earth.

(This phenomenon was discussed from a simpler model before the full nature of FRQ clusters was understood--see Ice Cube Gone.)

070722: The homemade ice cream aspect of global dying is akin to an in-pain patient with a worsening condition whose dwindling supply of morphine he using up faster and faster.

Reason for Freak Hailstorms--australia

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