Cure For Habitual Politics, Problems and Terrorism:
Term Limits

In 1776, we declared independence from the rule of a monarchy which was nothing more than a habitual politician based on hereditary rather rigged elections. I have provided an update of the Declaration of Independence rephrased to apply to habitual politicians. The habitual politicians have in many cases made themselves America's new royalty, hereditary habitual politicians. Consider the Kennedys. Consider Al Gore. Come on. Would Al Gore be anywhere if his father the prior Senator from Tennessee, had not set up a political machine to help his son? And the list goes on.

As long as a politician's judgment is clouded with re-election greed, he won't pass laws for the average citizen. Our lives will continue to suffer the whole litany of preexisting problems. What is the solution? Term limits. We need a Constitutional Amendment. We need the Term Limits Amendment.

Will the politicians pass this Term Limits Amendment? Want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn? The only way we will ever see term limits is to hurt the people who buy the politicians: the business community. We need to apply the tactics of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. A simple boycott brought down the British Empire. A simple boycott began the era of civil rights. And, make no mistake of it, the habitual politicians are destroying our rights to a civilized life. When businesses realize that the boycott is going to cost them more money than the habitual politicians steal for them through pork and taxes, businesses will stop supporting corrupt habitual politicians. Then we will see new faces with new ideas for our old problems.

My fellow citizens, I ask you to join me in boycotting the economy until the Term Limits Amendment is passed. Please take a vow to minimize your spending. Please send the enclosed cards to the respective leaders. It only takes a few of us to throw the economy into a recession. Is a better future worth delaying the purchase of a car, a refrigerator, a couch? Is a safer future worth not buying new clothes? Is a saner world worth buying hamburger instead of a steak?

My fellow citizens, which is a more powerful vote: Your ballot box voting every 2,4 or 6 years, or, your daily dollar voting?  The examples of Gandhi and King show the greater power of money over ballots or bullets. That's why the business community buys the habitual politicians, money. If you withhold your money, the business community will hear your votes.

Until we do away with habitual politicians, we won't see solutions to campaign financing, youth violence, health care, energy, environment, crime or taxes. Do we need our elected officials in Washington, DC, to change the system?

If you have questions or comments, you can democratize them at On-Line Forum as well as review others' input.


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Hiatus of Habitual Politicians and Aides

  1. Who bears the most responsibility for the mess of America and Humanity?
  2. Who has the most reason to hide the mistakes of the past?
  3. Who is most likely to corrupt a new public policy-making problem-solving process? Habitual politicians.

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