Do we need the habitual politicians
to change the system?

On-line democracy and lifehour tax credits are what our Congressional representatives would give us to lead ourselves in solving our problems ... if they were not habitual politicians. Since we already have these time-saving tools through, why not use them to solve our problems? Why not use them for the age-old problem of habitual politicians? We fought a revolutionary war against heriditary habitual politicians only to find two centuries later that the presidential nominees of both major parties were sons of habitual politicians.

If we want solutions to our old problems we need new faces with new ideas. We need term limits. We need Women 50/50. We need a Constitutional Amendment based on an understanding of time and problems.

The only thing worse than not voting is what? Voting for a habitual politician. For safer, saner world, anybody but a habitual politician. To expect the habitual politicians to rebuild America is like expecting Osama Bin Ladin to rebuild the World Trade Center.

If you realize your current doctor is a quack who causes you more harm than good, do you keep visiting him after you find a new physician who starts to cure you of an illness that had been worsening with each day? No. The time and money wasted on the further misdiagnosis and mistreatment could harm and could kill you.

The traditional political parties--Democrats and Republicans--are two terminally ill problem-causers who have habitually robbed humanity of funds and freedom. Any time spent conversing with these dying thieves and murderers of humanity merely delay the rebirth of freedom.Every moment you spend with an old quack not delays recovery but can be fatal. In actions that have become the target of objection for which the Declaration of Independence was written--see Re-Declaration. They have rewritten the offspring of the Declaration, the Gettysburg Address which is best called the Get it, boys, address.

Will habitual politicians help or hinder? Considering how, with each term, they become more adept at deflecting, sidestepping and stonewalling questions of substance, why waste reform time trying to reform the habitual offender? With each term, the habitual politician descends into the morass of lying without knowing any longer that he or she is lying. Why waste your time with a self-fertilized, cesspool fungus? Why waste your time trying to reach agreement with people possessed of hidden agendas who could give the British appeasers a run for their lies.

To negotiate with pathological liars who have vested financial, career and personal interests in the causes of human suffering is to be part and parcel to that human suffering. The writer has suffered constitutional, citizen and voting rights violations at the hands of corrupt politicians who did not want their hidden financial affairs revealed in public. Appeasing the promises of habitual politicians has set in motion a greater human tragedy than the Holocaust, Gulags, Killing Fields combined as well as both World Wars: Oil Droughts.

If you want reforms sooner for a safer, saner world, learn and observe the following:

We don't need the habitual politicians.
Vote 'em out of office.

Till then, ignore 'em.

Economic Triage: Why waste time on the economically dead and dying when you can save some who have not followed for too long the path of economic suicide?

Politicians are like girls going into a bordello. The first time a politician is elected, you give them the benefit of the doubt. But the second time you see them going into the bordello, you know it wasn't a mistake the first time.

The only people who deal with habitual politicians are those with honest false hopes and those with dishonest false hearts. The apathy that developed in those who have neither falsehood will hopefully be channeled into better democracy and capitalism.


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