Tax Idiots:

Funny Paper
not Serious Time

Crime: When it comes to crime, the real detriment is not the funny numbers of a fine in funny paper but  rather the solid years of a sentence in serious time. When British Petrophilia was negotiating with the US government on compensation for the Gulf oil well disaster, a foremost concern was eliminating criminal prosecution of top corporate officials. After all, any fine in funny paper is an accounting adjustment with the public paying the fine in higher prices, lower dividends or lost pensions. Funny paper fines are no real loss. Time, not, symbols of time, are the real issue: privatize profits, socialize losses.

Inflation: When it comes to inflation, the real definition is not funny numbers' loss of time. What is it that cheapens the value of money? It is the loss of time of another person that you can buy with the paper. It's amount of "buying time" decreases. A piece of paper that can only buy one hour of time is not as good as a piece of paper that can buy two hours of another person's goods or services. If you work two hours to get a paycheck, and that piece of paper dwindles in value to only one hour of your "worktime," you have suffered a 50% loss from inflation. The paper didn't suffer. Your time suffered the loss, the cheapening, the inflation. When a currency is kept current in buying and work time value it is a true, functional currency.

Inflation indexes an increase in the quantity and quality of unsolved time-wasting problems. If they can, people adjust the currency charge for their worktime in symbols based on the flow of problems in their lives. If their problems increase, e.g., food inflation, they want more money for their worktime.The real currency of an economic system (individual, family, community, state, nation or civilization) is the current amount of time it takes to buy, earn or acquire the necessities of life. Independent of ever-changing funny numbers on funny paper, if it takes an economic systen two hours to buy the necessities of life then that economic unit is twice as rich as the unit that takes four hours.

As elaborated elsewhere, the real absolute, universal currency that transcends the boundaries of nations and centuries is the lifehour which can be arrived at by dividing the worktime for necessities into the 24-hours of the day. The "two-hour" economic unit has a lifehour value of twelve(12) while the "four-hour" economy has a lifehour value of six(6). Rising food costs indicates a drop in the value of human life which can be married to a real, functional and easily quantifiable currency called the lifehour. A tool of timism provides the means to implement in 30-days an honest, functional local to global currency system using the existing credit card machine network--Touch-Tone Manager. Of the dysfunctional currencies fostered upon workers by paper-pushing monetarists, either we kill the funny papers or they will kill all of us--see Monetarism is Dead.

Wall Street: Wall Street is all about new "financial instruments," a high-fallutin' rockefella phrase for stealing time from the little fellas, e.g., Credit/Debt Swaps, Bundling, Hedges, etc. Wall Street is the eternal fountain of youth for new funny paper that becomes the financial blackholes sucking in the lifehours of workers. Wall Street is where the MBA's have Mastered the Bankruptcy of America. Wall Street is where economists repeatedly prove that they know the prices of everything but the value of nothing. The only real value is the buying time content of any paper, person or perspective. Because they are lazy and ill-valued, adled minds are the workshops of the economists.

Crack Cocaine Economics: Habitual politicians and tenured economists who rely on blindly throwing money into an stagflating economy are like the farmer who blindly throws water about without hitting his burning barn. It is not the quantity of money--e.g., was the 2009 economic stimulus big enough--but the quality of the water or quality of the money, i.e., where it lands on the barn or in the economy. If the economy of lies, wants and wastes is stimulated, the economic policy is a saltwater policy; that is, the stimulus will temporarily cure the symptom, but the main problem remains. A poor quality stimulus is like the difference between a sugar-drip IV and a crack cocaine injection. The former will help the economic body rebuild for the future while the crack/cocaine will elevate activity for a while before the economic body collapses below the "if nothing had been done" economic level of activity. The US economy would be in better shape if there had been no "Cash for Clunkers" or "home tax credits for first time buyers." In each case, artificial inflated prices were fueled that burned up lasting, long-term demand. Likewise with deficit spending for groan, not green, jobs. The long-term economy will suffer from bad money thrown after bad money.

Tax Idiots:

  1. A tax of any kind is really a taking of one's work time. If  one's taxes takes 50% of your wages, directly or indirectly, it is really taking 50% of your worktime. To focus on funny numbers on funny paper is self-misleading and self-defeating. In the end, as has happened before, you will have wheel-barrels of money worth less than the cost of the paper the money is printed on.
  2. Tax idiots igknow that public deficits are the most expensive taxes. Instead of paying for or solving the problem, you kick the tax can down the road with higher taxes in part from the interest rates extracted by bond-holders of the debt.
  3. Igknowed time-wasting problems tax us in the real currency, that basis of all symbols of our time. Because we don't solve the time-wasting problems, we have less free time. The quality of life goes down. Each day has less free time and less quality time. Divided by 24 hours in that day, each of one's lifehours are worth less.
  4. The worse kind of tax is deficit spending, that is, not paying for today's problems by borrowing money. This means that tomorrow you have to pay double taxation with interest. Tax idiots are people who want to cut taxes without first cutting problems. Tax idiots want to borrow money to fund public problem-solving which is a tax on their children and grandchildren. While Democrats are criticized for taxing and spending, tax idiots are Republicans who borrow and splurge.
  5. Tax Idiots are ugly iknowramuses. They fulfill the criteria of being an idiot, that is, they make their own values and views based on their gut reactions (from Greek idioumai "I make my own").
  6. Moneytheists are behind tax idiocracies because they take a bite each time a Jack or Jill plays with moneytheists' funny paper. For Jack and Jill, all play and no politics make them desperate, destitute and demised.

Were it not for their obsession with funny paper that impedes real problem-solving, tax idiots would be funny. Funny paper lovers will find themselves funless and fundless.


  1. In times of economic stress from both inflation and unemployment, burning deficit jobs to heat up an economy is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

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