(This written long before the World Trade Center attack.)

This was written years before the World Trade Center.

Habitual Terrorists:

Offsprings of Habitual Politicians

We have been told that rising terrorism is a fact of life. Embassy, barracks and office bombings will become more commonplace. What prompts highly intelligent, motivated people to destroy innocent people? Habitual politicians.

  1. The longer a politician remains in office, the more he has to engage in giving his supporters something for nothing–tax credits, tax supports or military credits/supports.
  2. These private abuses of the public policy-making process is felt disproportionately by the lower class workers.
  3. While many may feel frustration and depression, there are some bright, motivated individuals who feel that justice demands action against the habitual politicians.
  4. If the habitual politicians erect safety measures, then the dedicated terrorist will find distant symbols or supporters of the habitual politicians to harm, maim or murder.
In my own experience, I blame the habitual politicians for the "get re-elected" public assistance programs that made a mess of my mother's life and, by default, my life. While my intellectual and motivational means are among the best, my name will not be ascribed atop the list of infamous terrorists. I deserve credit for focusing on reforming the system through better democracy and capitalism instead of terrorism. My revenge will be creating a better level of democracy to expose and expel the chronically elected thieves of human decencies. For twenty years (20), I have striven to define the problems (decapitalism and necronomics) and the solutions (democratic capitalism) along with the means (Brain Bees) and motivation (lifehours). And, I can say that I carry a bitterness toward the habitual politicians who repeatedly denied my Constitutional rights when I was peacefully protesting fraud in Virginia . Yet, these abusers of democracy are protectively cloaked by the very revered institution upon which they trample.

The habitual terrorist will merely be echoing the actions of the habitual politician as they direct their actions away from the loci of the habitual politicians. Consider how the Boston Tea Party protested our last hereditary habitual politician, George III. Consistently, habitual politicians have had others who distant from them do their dirty work.

If you want to stem the rise of habitual terrorism then end the reign of terror wrought by the habitual politicians upon the "lonely, dispossessed who yearn for liberty and freedom in the pursuit of happiness." The only thing that will reduce habitual terrorism is an end to habitual politicians via the Term Limit Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and via better democracy and capitalism.

Please keep in mind this question:  Which came first,

  1. the habitual politicians overfairly treating their friends to ensure re-election (90%+), or,
  2. the unfairly treated reacting to being denied?

Sadly, America's domestic democracy and capitalism is at the root of international terrorism zeroing in on U.S. targets. Our higher level of these problem-solving twins gives us a competitive advantage over other less economically and politically evolved countries. To ensure their re-elections, our habitual politicians legislate activities that harm other countries to benefit their re-election supporters. America and Capitalism get a bad name. The habitual politicians? They use tax dollars to build security centers to protect themselves and theirs, mugging, "I don't know what is wrong with people." Well, it is the habitual politicians who fertilize the habitual problems that grow habitual terrorism.

Habitual Terrorism: If you know or support a habitual politician, it is only a matter of time before you become a victim of habitual terrorism. Terrorists will attack the supporters and beneficiaries of habitual politicians--they are easier targets than the habitual politician.

If you are a habitual politician reading this, thank you for the habitual problems.

The costs of your apathy in the face of habitual politicians are habitual problems and habitual terrorism. Remember: Ignorance is bliss only for a while ... until the ignored problems grow to the point that you cannot ignore them. The massacres of Oklahoma City, Nairobi, Dar-es-salem, Littleton shows that terrorist acts do not have to strike the habitual politicians.

What's worst than a habitual terrorist? The ultimate terrorist .



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