In response to the stockmarket crash and investor losses,
U.S. politicians told investors they need to become smarter.
This is like telling the household head that his daughter
was raped because he was not smart.

In giving trillions in 2009 to the arsonists
who set afire the house of humanity,
the habitual politicians of all nations
have thrown more gasoline on flames
that are burning up our lives.

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If you buy a car and duplicate its title to sell to several people, you go to jail. But, if you buy a corporation and duplicate the titles of ownership (stock) to sell to middle-class savings and pensions as stock options or IPOs, you go on vacation with your mistress.

Wall Street hi-jacked the terms and tools of capitalism to decapitalize production (bankruptcies) and decapitate jobs (un-, under- and mis-employment). Capitalism is not failing since it is not near the scene of the biggest bank robbery in history: 401ks. Stock options are the death certificate of America's economy.

Decapitalism: Economic Bloodshed

Does possession of a gun make one a protector or a murderer? Depends. Likewise with the symbols of capital: stocks, bonds, currency and real estate.

  • If one uses these symbols to capitalize production and employment (put people's heads (caput) to work) then one is a capitalist.
  • If one misuses these symbols to decapitalize production and decapitate employment, one is a decapitalist.

This analogy merely restates the maxim that one can steal more with a  briefcase than with a gun. Decapitalism depreciates human time while capitalism appreciates the human lifehour. One is creative of more freedom, more time and more morality while the other is cancerous of humanity. If humanity does not kill decapitalism then decapitalism, in ever greater numbers, will daily decapitate human beings .

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  1. Support decapitalism by voting for the rich legal thieves who used bastard stock options to raid and rape your savings and pensions. There are no investment banks, only divestment banks divesting wage-earning workers of their savings and pensions.
  2. Decapitalism is dumb capitalism, dummkopf'ism if you will.
  3. Cliffhanger: If a car full of people is careening toward a cliff, a decapitalist says let it go over the cliff so we have a market correction. If people suffer, so be it. A capitalist when he realizes that a decapitation is on the horizon, he calls for braking the vehicle so the damage to the economic vehicle and its occupants is minimalized.
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