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Profits: Pro Esse, Forward Existence or More Time

The Latin origin of profit, like proud and pride, is pro esse which translates forward existence or time. No transaction--business, interpersonal or intercellular--is profitable unless time is created. Furthermore, the best profit is a profit-sharing in which all involved parts or parties have a share of the created time. For economic and political systems, optimal profit-sharing is the golden mean between the extremes

  1. of the problem-sufferers not paying for the time created when a problem is solved or
  2. of the problem-solver charging more time than the time wastes.

An example of the latter is a person who pays one hour of wages for food when a monopolistic "free" market inflates prices to charge two hours of wages for the same solution to the daily problem of hunger. When profit-sharing is not optimized, problem-solving decreases: Either problem-solver won't work for less or the problem-sufferer won't pay the inflated prices.

It is very important to note that true, honest profit at all levels of existence merely restates the meaning of life, that is, to create time so as to exist longer. When one economically creates a profit, one has affirmed the meaning of life. Oppositely, any cancer consumes more time than it creates--immoral systems, habitual politicians, necrotic economists, dysfunctional mentality, biological cancer and black holes. Ugly Igknowramuses do not affirm life.

In seeking to purify and reground the meaning of profit, it is necessary to offer a logical alternative to the misuses and abuses of profit. For instance, there is no existential profit-taking. Profits are created, not taken. There is no profit when a gunman robs you. It is money-taking not profit-taking. For a number of reasons, a more accurate and revealing term for the misuses of profit is, simply, misfit.

It is a misfit to say a person has a profit who illegally or legally steals the time of others. Theft is immoral and cancerous, not creative of more time that is necessary for forward existence. Semantically, mis means “ill,” “mistaken,” “wrong,” “wrongly,” “incorrectly,” or simply negating (from Random House Dictionary). Given the negative consequences of economic theft under the sheepskin of profit, it is ill, mistaken, wrong and incorrect to imply that theft is a forward state of existence. One's theft is misfitting not profitting.

Timism provides many examples of parallels at different levels of existences which some might debunk as mere analogies without merit. If one calculates the creation or cancerization of time, one sees that many of analogies actually arose because of their common timistic jigsaw pattern. Misfit offers a nice parallel between profits and personalities.

As noted above, pro esse is the semantic ancestor of profit, proud and pride. Only when one creates time can one honestly claim to be proud or to have pride. A thief cannot be proud nor claim pride. A cancer in metabolism, personality, economics, politics or morality creates no time. False pride is an oxymoron.

One can readily see that mis esse (misfit) not only applies to misuse of profit but to the persons who engage in misfitting economic transactions so as to steal from others. Long before timism was elucidated, more than one of these financial thieves was characterized as misfits. In a sense, the financial epiphany has been waiting to make the migration of personalities into financial analysis, that is, misfits beget misfits. If a profit warrants being proud, does a misfit not warrant being mud?

Misfits live beyond their means by taking more than they logically deserve. In this way, financial misfits are behind the personal misfits who are either mean or meaningless. Misfits disavow the meaning of life.

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