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Means: Mean, Meaningless or Meaningful

From relatives and friends, one is encouraged to live within one's means. Usually, this admonishment refers to financial means, that is, don't spend more than you make. But the maxim applies to other aspects of a person's actions including intellectual and emotional.

The following timistic analysis echos and explains the everyday unpleasantness A person who is full of himself is living beyond his means of intellectual humility. A person who is always responding with illogical gut reactions instead of logical emotions is living beyond his emotional means.

Whether financial, intellectual or emotional means, timism shows how one's means management echos a ying-yang at all other levels. One's means management defines one's morality, that is, the creation of more time or the cancerizing of less time.

Throughout the table of existence, from the lowest to the highest, a number of basic processes are common at each level. One basic process is the creation of time. If the entity does not create time then, at the minimum, it is losing time. Worse, the entity may be living by losing the time of other entities which makes the entity a cancer . One can be a catalyst or cheerloser  to mean, cancerous beings.

The flow of time in or out of a person, family, community, nation or environment can be described in terms of means, mean, meaningless or meaningful.

  1. An entity that creates more time than it consumes lives within its means.

  2. An entity who lives beyond its means is a mean entity who wastes the time of other entities. This meanness is most obvious in those who intellectually and emotionally live beyond their means.

  3. A person who lives within its means is either meaningless or meaningful depending on their actions toward those who do not live within their means.

    1. If one does nothing to require mean people to start living within their means then one will have less means, that is, one is a meaningless person. One indirectly co-enables the cancers of life. As part of the problem not the solution, meaningless people are often mean when confronted with their sterility, ineffectiveness or hypocrisy. This is particularly true of people who say that prayer works: When you ask them for examples, they get mean.  Do you address the issue of HOW to require a mean person to live within their means?  (Perhaps I haven't gotten that far....)
    2. If one acts to help others help themselves to become self-sufficient then one will be a meaningful person with more means as one's means are not siphoned by hidden costs of mean and meaningless people: higher taxes, crime, inflation and insurance.
  4. One's production/consumption ratio defines one's morality, that is, the more or less of time:  immoral, amoral and moral.
  5. The cost of humanity is higher because of mean and meaningless people living beyond their means. People who live beyond their means do so because of wants, waste and lies.

While some instances of mean people living beyond their means are very obvious, the less obvious are meanest. The welfare recipient is living beyond their means but not as much as the wealthfare recipient who benefits from politically sanctioned economic privileges that allow a standard of living far beyond the true existential means. A honest currency as part of capitalism per capita will tie the existential and symbolic value of one's worth to the same financial instrument (lifehours) so people cannot live beyond their means.

Rare is the person who is totally mean, meaningless or meaningful. An apt analogy with some overlap is the psychological classifications of personalities: normal, neurotic and psychotic. Everyone has instances in which a personal trait could be classified as one of the three. The personality key is that the majority of one's behavior is normal with the neurotic being rare and the psychotic rarer. Like with one's means, we all live beyond our means in some ways, are meaningless in others, and are hopefully, increasingly meaningful as we grow older.

For this writer, he lives beyond his emotional means each time he looks into the mirror and wonders how Brad Pitt bypassed the security system to get into the bathroom. Most of his jokes are meaningless with the criminal intent of stealing a smile. More meaningful is the elucidation of the morality of more time.

If one lives within one's means, one is fulfilling the meaning of life, that is, the creation of time. The meanies of life who live beyond their means don't understand the meaning of life.

A table compares mean, meaningless and meaningful in different areas of human activity--Comparison Table.


  1. One cannot have a meaningful conversation with a mean or meaningless person without losing something, or to put it another way, it takes a fool to argue with a fool.

  2. The primary inclusive question facing humanity is how to stop people and nations from living beyond their means. This is part of the primary moral imperative to save life on earth for which the Manheaven Project has been developed with an area devoted to getting people to live within their means or to self-euthanize.

  3. CO2 Sinning mostly consists of people living beyond their means as they are perpetrators and victims of the economics of wants, waste and lies. Mother Nature's ledger entry for meaningful people is in lifehours but for others the entries are in deathhours. One's Duty-To-Die is measured by one being mean or meaningless.

  4. After parents , the media and entertainment industry has been the worst catalyst to cancerizing mean and meaningless people, e.g., Parasite Hilton who is an example of how private welfare (wealthfare) can be as destructive of one's humanity as public welfare. Both welfare and wealthfare are funded by taxes supports.

  5. Solving problems requires four-steps. The overlap of means and responsibility are part of the 4-steps.

  6. One cannot prepare for a disaster unless one makes sure that one's neighbors are prepared because in a disaster, your neighbors will come through your door either peacefully or forcefully to share your disaster preparations with you.

Writer's note: In analyzing the problems of humanity with resulting delineation of the four-steps, the author has obligated himself with a level of responsibility that requires specific actions if he is to be meaningful to the max. It's not fun.

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  1. People abandoning boats are signs of people who lived beyond their means 090405

  2. People abandoning pets including horses 090407.

  3. Public figures live beyond their means when they use teleprompters to convey that they are smarter than they really are. This applies primarily to politicians and mediacs. Teleprompters are a form of deficit spending, self-flattery, a projection of knowledge that is not there. A lie. People who use teleprompters are liars, pickpockets, mean people. Teleprompters and the ABC dancer.  What is the ABC dancer? The ABC dancer. Obama is a phony. YCW ... NNHBWD  What do these letters stand for?

  4. Living beyond your means: Suffering of self and loved ones.

  5. Meaningful people are mentalful not materialful.

  6. Half-Goddists live beyond their means. They are mean and meaningless. They are guilty of crimes against life on earth.

  7. People who live beyond their means are people who want something for nothing, that is, they are scumnuts.

  8. Sluts are people who live beyond their means and who live as cancers. In the end, their meaningless lives consistently require the means of others to support the result of their meaningless leg spreading, that is, tax support to raise or incarcerate their half-baked children.

  9. 120217 When a person creates the means to solve a problem, one has created a catalyst for creating time.

  10. 130409 Meaningless people demean the meaningful.

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