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Over the years, people have acquired numerous accounts of value for different aspects of life. For instance, a savings account, a pension account, a healthcare account and numerous financial accounts, e.g., bonds, mutual funds, money accounts and mattress hidings. The latter become popular like buried cans of cash when the people begin to lose faith in their politicians to maintain a stable economy.

Central to creation of a better world is better capitalism. Toward this goal, the nature of currency has been analyzed with the conclusion that there is one universal, absolute currency that transcends the boundaries of nations and centuries, the lifehour. The essence of the lifehour is paying what one's head (capita) is worth in the only thing that is of true, lasting value, time. Nothing indicates the value of a person's time better than the very thing that we use in our exchanging goods and services, namely, currency: What is your time currently worth.

An honest currency is one in which the symbols of time are married to the substance of time. People who are part of the problems (time-wasters) should not have more symbols of time than those who are part of the solution, that is, time-savers or time-creators. Inherent within the concept of the lifehour is marrying, not divorcing, morality from politics, economics and behavior. In the world, today, all currencies are divorced from the substance of the owners' actions with some of the divorces being not only absurd but counterproductive, e.g., Bastard Stock Options.

For a better world, we need a currency that is kept constant in its value as not only a record of the holder's problem-solving history but as a storehouse of earned problem-solving time by which the holder can buy another person's time in goods or services.

An accounting system exist within whereby people can invest or volunteer their time to bring about better democracy, better capitalism and better values. This accounting system has been designed to award lifehours for different activities with the holder having different lifehour accounts. Overall, and successfully implement, a timistic economy based on lifehours can reduce the wasted time of the present necrotic currency systems as people constantly try to "play" symbols to gain more symbols. Acquiring symbols does not solve humanities problems. Quite to the contrary. Time spent playing with funny numbers is time that could be used to solve real problems: safety, community, education, and health.

The primary lifehour account that one has is the ManHeaven account. This records the earned lifehours in promoting public awareness of how global warming is really global dying. One can earn them by recruiting others, distributing flyers and reading--see TTD for ManHeaven project. One's option to be an elsetimer within a ManHeaven reservation will be determined in part by one's earned lifehours.

Of secondary importance, and conceived long before the pressing need for a ManHeaven project are lifehours based on general community service and payroll. Many applications were developed to implement a better, everyday economic system with a better, honest currency--see Touch-Tone Manager and Trading Lifehours. These systems will be activated as the launching of timism proceeds. Of course, if sufficient popular support for the ManHeaven Project is not forthcoming then not only will these subsequent lifehour systems be still-born but, more importantly, it will not matter because life on earth will be non-existent.

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