Credits for Future Tax: Lifehours

Humanity needs a currency in which the symbols and substance of time are one and the same. Throughout history, habitual politicians and their friends have been able to greedly debase currency. Why? To increase the wealth of their time at the expense of the worktime of those who create the real wealth. Literally and figuratively, the definitive currency is the lifehour. When it comes to solving the problems of a people, only one thing has greater productivity than a stable currency, democracy relevant in frequency of cycle and size of divisions--see Ultimate Productivity and Penultimate productivity. For those who help bring about better democracy and capitalism, they should be rewarded for their effort and faith with the new currency. Inasmuch as all transactions with Democratic Capitalism are quantified in lifehours, it is possible to offer people future tax credits based on their contributions to bring about the benefits of these twin problem-solvers and their stepchild. Offering tax benefits for supporting a political  platform is not new: Habitual politicians do it all the time for despotic capitalism for a fewer few. Lifehours reward the pursuit of democracy per diem and capitalism per capita. Please support this measure. Lifehours accumulated before the passage of the Term Limits Amendment will be prorated over 20 years toward one's regular Federal Tax credits. Thereafter, it will not only be the basis of a fairer, freer marketplace but the basis of the best, simplest retirement system ever conceived--grounded in timism.


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