Lifehours per hour of life

The lifehour is the symbolic value of an hour of life. The lifehour indicates how much time is created or destroyed per hour of life. A murderer has a negative lifehour value while a farmer or doctor would have a positive lifehour.

Each indivdiual has a lifehour worth based on how many problems he solves and causes. In a sense, the lifehour is a balance of one' work and play time. A person who works all the time has a higher lifehour value than a person who plays all the time. Obviously, a person who wants to live a life of play without work wants a life that depends on the work of others. Workers who tolerate players have to work harder and longer, perhaps to the point of not finding enough time to work enough to meet the costs of living. In this case, the workers standard of living falls because he is supporting the players in life.

From the simple proposition that work increases the lifehour while play depletes the lifehours, a number of observations can be made to better understand why, in America, the quality of life has been falling while the cost of living has been increasing. Since 1980, the average American middle-class family has had to work an extra eight weeks each year to have the quality of life which they had in 1980.

  1. Cost of living vs Standard of Living versus Lifehour per capita

    1. The lifehour cost of living is the number of hours of life necessary to earn sufficient funds (time symbols) to buy the basic needs to survive.
    2. One's standard of living is relative to the lifehour cost of living, not numbers on a paycheck. Compared to their fathers and grandfathers, most Americans today have more numbers on their paychecks but work longer workweeks with fewer benefits and with unsure retirement. Which generation had the higher standard of living?
  2. Tortoise-Hare workers

    1. Would you rather have an employee that works twice as fast for one hour and then is a lazy bum for other seven hours, or, would rather have an average speed worker who works steady for eight hours? Which has the highest productivity per worked hour? Per shift? Per 24-hours.
    2. Would you rather live in an economy with steady, full employment at a fair wage? Or, would you rather work in an economy in which you work only one day out five with double the wages? If you like the latter, you could be a prostitute who works on a few hours each day while waiting for the next john.
  3. Productivity Falsehoods
    1. Which is more important:  productivity per worker or productivity per capita? Would you rather live in a nation with full employment of half productive workers--but productive none the less--on in a nation where the worker productivity is twice as great but only ten percent of the population works?
    2. Which productivity gauge do the habitual politicians and tenured economists use: Per worker or per capita? During the Bush Administration, the U.S. rising productivity has been per worker while per capita has been dropping due to rising unemployment and the mysterious "discouraged" worker. In the hire of corrupt habitual politicians, tenured economists cook the books on joblessness, productivity and GDP by simply transfer unemployed people to the class of discouraged worker. (Enron did not originate cooking the books. Economists did. In fact, most of the big names in the corporate scandals behind the stockmarket bubble had college degrees in economics.)
    3. Would you rather live in a country that measures productivity per capita or per worker? Which country will have the highest lifehour value?
  4. Busyness: Of course, we are busy but what are we b usy at?
    1. In storms of life, some people calmly swim to the shores of safety while others busily flay their arms and legs as they drown.
    2. The call for jobs and job-training will drown us in useless busyness if the jobs are do-nothing jobs that become a play game for the recipients on the tax dole.
    3. All activity, business and non-business, can be categorized into essential or non-essential like the difference between work and play. Would you rather live in a country that encourages essential or non-essential busyness? Which will have the highest life value and lowest cost of living? Non-essential activity is deadweight.
    4. Even if you have a country with a high ratio of essential business, an important question is whether question is whether you exporting your essential jobs, goods and services? What happens to the lifehour if a country exports its essential businesses?
  5. Play or Work Ethic: America plays the fiddle while its economy burns up.
    1. Which is more essential? Work or Play? Which activity does the tax code favor? America's obsession with habitual players goes hand-in-hand with America's re-election of habitual politicians. Regardless of which came first, both rotten eggs are the base of an undigestible omelette.
    2. It is an abuse of the word work to apply it to the habitual players of baseball, basketball, football, Nascar, etc. When people are hungry from a deficiency of essential work, neither they nor the players will be able to eat the play of the week.
  6. Overpopulated or Proletariat Economies: When big families become big problems that reduce the lifehour.
    1. We live in an overcrowded world that is spawling an endless stream of terrorists from those who cannot find work. Why? There are more people than there are jobs.
    2. Wwhich economy will have a rising or falling lifehour? Countries t hat encourage limited families or larger families?
    3. In the Arab world, one can compare resource-poor Tunisia's rising standard of living to energy-rich Saudi Arabia.
      1. The former has had a rising standard of living for a number of years while, in the last two decades, the average income in Saudi Arabia has dropped from $28,000 to $7,000.
    4. Tunisia has the lowest birthrate of Islamic countries. Saudi Arabia has the highest birthrate in the world. Half the Saudi population is under 15. There are 90 million unemployed teenagers in the Islamic Arab world.
    5. The number one hidden weapon of mass destruction is the male penis. Which is easier? Practicing birth-coontrol or finding a 40-year, 40-hour job for an irresponsible birth?
    6. Proletariat is Latin for "big litters." Today, which country will have a rising lifehour? Proletariat or population-control nations.
  7. Warehousing Unsolved problems: Democracy or Despotism
    1. Will the lifehour's value increase if democracy or despotism increases? Which form of government increases time-wasting problems?
    2. Democracy optimized to the economy is the ultimate form of human productivity, for democracy priorizes and solves the problems beginning with the biggest first.
    3. Despotism ignores or warehouses problems until they can no longer be ignored or stored.
  8. Attitudes of a society indicate the future of the society's lifehour.
    1. Wasto ergo sum is an attitude that conveys, "I am important the more I waste." All waste can be standardized in one unit of measurement--time. A wasteful society will find itself with less time and lifehours.
    2. Something-for-nothing: A society will suffer a decreasing lifehour if it members want something-for-nothing, e.g., I'm ok and you're ok.
    3. Obesity is ok and should not be chastised. Do unnecessary and profound healthcare costs increase or decrease the lifehour of a nation?
  9. Phoney Wealth and Security: A number of economic lies convey a sense of well-being that is phoney.
    1. A rising stock market indicates rising wealth: How can this be when jobs are being exported. The rising stock market shows the disparity between symbols and substance of wealth. Is U.S. industries worth more or less when 3 million jobs disappear overseas? Does the lifehour value of these company increase with the stock market rebound? Or, decrease?
    2. Refinancing homes is fueling an economic recovery: How can stealing money from retirees to fund baby-boomers profligacy be a real recovery? It is like stealing the wealth of foreign economies though monetary colonialism. Both the colonizer and the enslaved eventually die. In this case, when refinancing can no longer continue, both retirees and baby-booomers will have lowered.
    3. Live beyond your means to stimulate the economy: How long can economy survive by borrowing or stealing from the future or elsewhere just for consumption, not investment?
  10. Knowledge or No-knowledge aka Ignor ance:
    1. Igknowance is bliss only until the ignored problems ruin your life which is different than the happiness that comes from solving problems for a free of problems and richer in time and lifehours.
    2. Igknowant people proclaim the superiority of their gut-reactions over the logic of reason. These lifehour destroying subhumans can only continue this igknowance until their nation's or daddy's moeny runs out. The long-term results of gut-reactions are worth lifehours in a world drowning in emotional and economic bowel-movements.
  11. Irresponsibility is disguised igknowance:
    1. Too many expect others to raise and educate your kids as well as expect others to take care of one's aging parents.
    2. How can the cost of living be less if everyone wants to establish new taxing bureaucracies with middlemen to solve personal problems that should be taken care of at home? HMO typifies what happens when new public bureaucracies come into existence to solve problems that previously had homegrown solutions--higher cost of living, an escalating healthcare cost that has no ceiling in sight.

Taken all together--and not a total tally--these points of lessened lifehours show why civilization, America in particular, is in an existential meltodown.

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