Determination of the Average Lifehour Value

The determination of the Lifehour value for a given economic unit is simple: How many hours a day does it take to earn the necessities of life (nutrition and shelter) divided into 24 hours (86400 seconds).

If it takes ...

Value 86400/
12 hours



6 hours



1 hour 24.0000


48 minutes 30.0000


36 minutes
42 seconds


With currency tied to "by the sweat of your brow you shall earn your daily bread," many benefits will be automatically created for a safer, saner and stabler society.

  1. More wage-earners, fewer and fewer wage-takers.
  2. Better basis of taxation.
  3. Less theft from dysfunctional currency.
  4. Less monetary colonialization
  5. Automatic tariffs between economic units
  6. Globalization when it creates more time for all of humanity, the decapitalism of benefits for a fewer few.
  7. Reduction or elimination of boom/busts economic cycles
  8. Fewer unjust, dishonorable wars to exploit unfair economic relationships based on and derived from dysfunctional, dishonest currencies.

The basic assignment of a lifehour to an economic unit will be at the district level. The value of lifehour at the next level (regional) is the average of the districts composing that region. A national lifehour value is determined by averaging the regional lifehour values. The global lifehour value is the average of all national lifehour values.

One can see that this is a simple system in which goods and services can flow from one district to another with the cost being paid in lifehours not paper. This system fosters raising the quality of life for all of humanity and encourages better problem-solving in the basic necessities of life rather than allowing dysfunctional currencies to stimulate the wants of life activities for a fewer few which leads to injustices, booms/bust, chaos, revolution and war.

Taxation is exacted automatically on each transaction between economic units with the collected taxes being automatically allocated to the public coffers of involved economic units, a product transaction tax. This tax is fair, free and equal.


Initial Lifehour Value: Initially, the lifehour value of a nation is the international exchange rate prorated to 2,000 workhours per year. Using TouchTone Manager as a universal payroll processing service, a better value of the lifehour in an deme will be determined. By providing a simple, universal on-line payroll program to establish honest wages for honest work, the value of an hour of life at work can be established. On the basis of this, disparties between indivduals and ecopos can be eliminated. Theft from dishonest, dysfunctional currencies-currencies that overpay and underpay--can be reduced and/or eliminated.

Someone in a non-lifehour transaction is being cheated out of their time, either the buyer or the seller. This is increasingly true as globalization and the internet speed up the transfer of goods and services faster than adjustment in the relative value of currency.

Using a simple process detailed in the lifeboat for currency reform public service will be rewarded within the NUSA system with a lifehour value for each hour of life at work (clock time). The relative lifehour compensation increases as one goes from local to global work, that is,

  1. District 1.0,
  2. State 1.1,
  3. National 1.2, and
  4. Global 1.3.

This means that a secretary working at the global level will receive compensation a lifehour compensation at 1.3 times the rate of a secretary working at the local level. If one recognizes that the basic, universal role of government in people's lives is the management of their time through policies and laws, one will recognize the time benefits of organizing people to solve problems at the local rather than the global level. Global government should focus on global not local problems. The gradient of compensation will encourage people to formulate problem-solving approaches that solves problems locally before they become unsolvable global problems. Part and parcel to this gradient of lifehour values is not only compensation but charges for comparable goods and services.

While the lifeboat for currency reform shows a simple way to determine the honest, absolute and relative lifehour value of each working individual, whether a ditchdigger, teacher, doctor or politician, it does not address the question of how to determine the value relationship of a state to a local lifehour. The process is simple. The higher unit of lifehour is the average of lesser units. Thus, the state lifehour is the summary of its local parts. Initially, lifehours for state and local ecopos are set at the national exchange rate.

Why this relationship needs to be calculated on a frequent honest basis? To stop theft within and between countries:

  1. Monetary Colonialism: Dollars and Euro .
  2. Disparity between localities in a state or nation (housing example).

It is important that if a person relocates to another location that the value of his time neither depreciate nor appreciate. Depreciation constitutes theft of time from the person who is relocating--personal inflationary suffering due to currency injustices stealing some of his time-savings in the form of symbols of worktime. Appreciation is an increase in his time or lifehour wealth due to currency imbalances. The simplest example is a person who sells a home in a medium size city and moves to New York City or a no-name-on-the-map podunk junction. If he moves to New York, the equity from selling his home will buy him less of a home in NYC--he is being robbed. Conversely, in Podunk he might be able to buy two or three homes with his cash equity--he is stealing from the long-term residents.

The argument that NYC and Podunk have different costs of living ignores the fact that, when measured in time to earn a living, there is not the much difference between NYC and Podunk. Furthermore, if currencies were tied to the value of the local hour of life, the cost of living in NYC and Podunk would be the same. New York City has a higher dollar cost of living because habitual politicians have been able to steal more and more often than occurs in the Podunks where everyone will beat the mayor up who steals. Quite simply, converting to a lifehour currency will balance many economic injustices.

The realization that an honest, responsible currency will eliminate symbollic disparties between different economies is one of the reasons why a country would not be exporting jobs or brains. The brain and brawn drain from America would not happen if we had an honest global currrency system. The cost of living difference between America and India is not that much when measured in hours of life for necessities. The massive export of jobs from America to other countries comes from the dishonest over-valuation of the dollar which will come home to haunt America with greater pain and suffering each year. India? It will end up with an imbalance economy as rural people flock to cities to gain exported American jobs. When Americans don't have money because of rising unemployment, the need of India will vanish. Both America and India will have fewer problems being solved with the collapse of the global monetary colonialism which America exacts.

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