1. Global Warming is a thing of the past because the rise in CO2 and temperature is past the tipping point. If tomorrow every human being died without one more pound of CO2 from mankind, the CO2/temperature combination would continue to rise because Mother Earth has become a volcano of CO2 without the biomass sequestering of the CO2 during the 250 million years of the Carboniferous Period. Global Warming has has been replaced by global dying.
  2. Global Dying: By 2010, the foodchain will fail on land and under water. By 2015, more than 90% of humanity will die. Depending on how the 90% die will determine whether the other 10% live or die. If Depopulation occurs from chaos instead of humanasia, by the year 2030 life on earth will be extinct. This flotilla will be launched when one million ManHeaven accounts.
  3. While the tipping point of global warming has passed, the recovery point of global dying has not yet passed. As global dying accelerates, the final cost in human lives and suffering will escalate with the probability of death of all life on earth dying. To avoid a hell-on-earth, only a ManHeaven Project--a global effort akin to the Manhattan Project--can prevent passing the recovery point. This flotilla will be launched when two million ManHeaven accounts.
  4. What needs to be done will not be done without better democracy, better capitalism and better values. The Exporation Armadas both detail and measure the needed better humanity. If enough people do not embrace the lifeboats to save life on earth and some human beings then no more armadas will be launched. This flotilla will be launched when four million ManHeaven accounts.
  5. The Manhattan Commission will use provided brainbees to organize human to democratically prioritize recovery activities as well as to prioritize who will be sacrificed in what order as part of the necessary humanasia.  Depopulation will be of those least qualified to save life on earth as well as those most guilty of global warming and global dying. This flotilla will be launched when eight million ManHeaven accounts.
  6. Each person, group and nation will have a duty-to-die assessment based on passed and current activities. To avoid civil chaos from fighting over dwindling foodstocks from failure of the foodchain, nations will be required to adjust their population accordingly by requiring humanasia, that is, self-suicide. Persons, groups and nations failing to fulfill their duty-to-die will have the duty-to-die extended from individuals, to family, and to genepool. Get-of-Hell Free instruments will be issued to key past and current supporters of timism. This flotilla will be launched when sixteen million ManHeaven accounts.
  7. One's duty-to-die assessment will reflect not only passed morality but on-going morality. Recruitment of supports for the ManHeaven project is a major factor in minimizing one's duty-to-die: There is no greater moral task that you can perform for self, family and humanity than informing and sponsoring new supporters. Other factors in minimizing your duty-to-die figure is being part of the solution rather than part of the problem. This flotilla will be launched when thirty-two million ManHeaven accounts.

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